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If you’re starting your own business, you might think that coupon management doesn’t impact you at all — but that couldn’t be further from the truth! These 10 ways coupon management impacts your business will help you to understand how it can positively or negatively affect your brand and your profits. From driving sales with discounts to wasting time printing out coupons, knowing how to manage coupons can make all the difference in new businesses.

1) Reduces Cash Flow

The most obvious impact coupon management software has on businesses is how it reduces cash flow. Having to discount products and sell them at a lower price than they are normally sold can result in significant losses for a new business. While customers love coupons, they aren’t always willing to pay full price for a product or service; however, if you want to run promotions, coupons are an effective way to do so. In order to make sure your business stays profitable with coupon usage, be sure that you don’t regularly offer discounts and promotions on high-volume items because these will quickly eat into your profits while giving you little return on investment.

2) Offers Additional Revenue

If you run a business, it’s likely you’re looking for ways to expand your client base. One option is to provide discount codes and coupons. You can offer them on your website or through social media, handing out promotional materials at events, or simply providing printed versions of your coupons in certain locations—you just have to get creative! The money you save from offering coupon codes will come back in spades because you’ll gain more clients. What many business owners don’t realize is that coupon management isn’t just about saving money for yourself; it also offers additional revenue for your business by keeping customers happy and returning time and again.

3) Great Word-of-Mouth

If you want your new business to succeed, make sure it’s built on a good foundation. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of today’s marketing. Some estimate that word-of-mouth recommendations drive 85% of all purchases; if your customers love you and spread your brand far and wide, your business will grow exponentially. Great service goes a long way toward encouraging referrals; treat people well and offer value for their money—and they’ll be more than happy to spread the news about how great your business is!

4) Improves Customer Experience

According to a recent survey conducted by Global Interactive, only 36% of consumers are willing to pay more for better service. As customer expectations continue to rise, businesses need to make changes in order to keep customers happy and prevent them from looking elsewhere. Even though many small businesses don’t have a lot of cash flow, they can still improve their customer experience by implementing coupons that offer customers deals and discounts throughout their entire shopping experience. By doing so, they’ll not only increase repeat business, but they’ll also increase profits since surveys show that it takes an average of 5-7 experiences with your company before you truly win over a new customer.

5) For Sales Promotion

If you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know how to advertise your business. Sure, social media posts and print ads are great ways to spread awareness, but they’re not going to bring in new customers. In many cases, businesses that rely on new sales growth—and most do—have better luck advertising deals and coupons. After all, a coupon is a free money for consumers, which means more people will use them (saving $5 is always worth it!). If you’re already struggling with a lack of sales growth, take a look at your current strategy and make sure you’re effectively communicating valuable offers and discounts to your target audience.

6) Increases Customer Loyalty

Using coupons on your products shows that you care about your customers and it provides a way for customers to be loyal to your brand. By rewarding people who buy from you regularly, you can ensure that they’ll come back again and again, even if they don’t need any incentive to do so. In fact, 67% of consumers say they would use a coupon on their next purchase regardless of what product they were buying. Additionally, those loyal customers are likely to recommend your business to others. According to Manta, 54% of consumers like nothing more than sharing a good deal with friends or family.

7) Saves Time, Costs, and Efforts

Managing your coupons effectively can save time, costs, and efforts for your business. It will also increase the efficiency of your entire team if you do it right. We have compiled a list of 10 tips to help you get started. These tips will not only help you save more money on your products but make sure that you’re making appropriate use of these coupons and saving more in return. The first step is to understand what coupon management means!

8) Works as a Marketing Strategy

Offering a coupon is a great way to build excitement and buzz around your business—it’s also an effective marketing strategy. Simply put, coupons get people excited about coming into your store since they love getting free stuff. Better yet, you can offer multiple coupons for different products so that shoppers feel like they have several chances to score something free. More product sales mean more revenue for your business!

9) Reduces Risk of Fraud/Gift Cards Frauds

While there are ways to manage gift card fraud, it can still be a risk for any business that accepts them. By switching over to a coupon management system, you can significantly reduce your risks of being impacted by fraudulent coupons. Since these coupon systems track all purchases and tie individual consumers together, they’re able to detect when multiple people use one single coupon code and will flag these coupons so they don’t impact your bottom line.

10) Improves Brand Image

Few things build a brand image like a positive first impression. Customers’ experiences from their first interaction with your business, whether it’s in person or online, can have lasting effects on how they feel about your brand. Ensuring that new customers have positive coupon experiences when they first come across your business is an easy way to lay a good foundation for developing a strong brand image over time.


This post is meant to be an overview of how a small business can incorporate coupons into its marketing strategy. It’s important to point out that you don’t want to give away your profit or sell your products or services at a price lower than what you intend on selling them for. Any discount you provide should be an incentive to purchase from you, not from someone else.

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