5 Steps To Writing Perfect College Essays


Everyone cherishes studying in that dream college of theirs. Most colleges and universities in the UK follow a generic student application process, and college application essays form one of the most vital components of those applications. The college application essay is a chance for the applicant to showcase themselves. It allows admission committees to understand the person behind the application and enable applicants to draw attention to their talents, skills & capabilities.

The critical role of college essays sends many students into a tizzy, with hundreds of thousands looking, asking professional assignment help experts, “Can you write my essay for me?” 

So, let us get down to business right away by dwelling on the importance of college essays.

The Criticality Of College Application Essays

College essays form the living, breathing heart of college admission applications. The application evaluation committees utilise these essays to gauge the applicant’s mindset, perspective, strengths, and talents. The general approach for writing an excellent application essay should be centered around an effective & eye-catching portrayal of oneself. 

Crafting a top-notch college essay is no easy feat. Many high school graduates seek essay help from college essay writing services to deliver great content quickly.  Writing a good essay takes some good planning, a solid understanding of the essay’s objectives, and devising an effective writing strategy.

The following five steps entail one such potent college essay writing strategy to craft an impeccable essay. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Writing An Excellent College Application Essay In 5 Easy Steps

 An impressive college application essay should educate the audience about the writer and offer a glimpse into their minds.

So, how to craft content that can successfully steer the minds of the evaluation committee? How to manipulate an essay prompt or topic to deliver a fascinating personal account that leaves a lasting impression?

The 5 steps below will tell you just that.

Be The Protagonist

College application essays revolve around their writers, that is, their applicants. Speak your mind through your content. This is your chance to showcase your creativity, enthusiasm, values & ideals, skills, & knowledge and deliver insights about yourself.

  • Add a personal touch to your essays and showcase things that the selectors will not find anywhere else in the application. Speak your mind through your write-ups. Use active voice and write in the first person.
  • Compose an essay that lets evaluators understand you. Brainstorm on the topic and use it to tell quirky & revelatory facts about yourself.
  • Remember, your essays need to show why you deserve admission. Interesting personal information delivered through engaging content is what you need to provide.

Make Things Eye Catchy & Intriguing

Your college essay should be able to grab attention right out of the gate. An interesting title and an intriguing introduction are what you need to draw your audience in. Keep them hooked with engaging content that tells them more about you. 

  • For college application essays, the DELIVERY and the INFORMATION is more critical than the TOPIC chosen. While the topic needs to be logical & exciting, the nature of the information and the organization & presentation of ideas should be more significant priorities. 
  • Showcase your essay writing skills and use stylistic elements to make things attractive. Impress the selection committee and show that you possess the necessary skills & knowledge
  • Add interesting information about yourself for an engaging read. From hidden talents to unique perspectives, write about the things that set you apart from the rest.
  • Remember that though you are writing to impress the admission committee, do not make it obvious. Your focus should be on delivering an essay that will collect kudos from any reader, not just someone specific. Be subtle but potent in your writing approach.

REFLECT Upon Your Specialties 

It is not enough to recount things about yourself; you need to reflect upon what makes you stand apart from the rest. Write and dwell deeply upon your specialties. 

  • Talk about your personal experiences that left behind a mark and deliver details in a well-structured manner. Admission committees love to go through such write-ups as they tell a lot about someone unknown.

For example, suppose you are writing about an experience that changed your perspective about something. In that case, you will have to mention all essential details, tell how & why it affected you, and talk about the changes it brought upon you.

  • Reflect upon incidents that brought in major changes, talk about events where you got to portray your abilities, write about the times where your core values were tested and highlight the moments that helped you grow as a human being. 
  • Get into an introspective mood and analyze everything critically as much as possible. Be self-aware and write an impressive anecdote about yourself.
  • Think about your audience. Determine what you can write to convince them to select you.
  • Add a strong thesis statement that sets the tone & atmosphere for your essay and defines what it’s all about.
  • Write your heart out but do not get carried away. Mention the necessary specifics and talk about yourself without getting too wordy or excessive.

Display Your Creative Writing Skills

Brandish your writing skills so that your audience finds it easy to learn about your talents, achievements, experiences, personality and get some idea about your writing skills. 

  • College application committees love a well-crafted creative composition. So, indulge in that creative side of yours while highlighting your quirks and qualities.
  • Use innovation and imagination to make your write-up unique. Showcase crucial information in a cohesive & clever manner to ensure it ensnares & engages the reader’s senses.
  • Make sure to use precise & logical arguments with ample evidence while making any claim or stating some belief.
  • Flawless grammar, critical writing skills, and a strong vocabulary are necessary to write an excellent essay. 
  • Use lucid prose and develop a coherent & smooth narrative.
  • Employ eye-catchy words and stylistic literary elements to enrich your content.
  • Revise, edit and proofread to polish your content to perfection.

Avoid The Following Pitfalls 

The following are some commonplace mistakes that every student must avoid while developing their content.

  • Please DO NOT make it evident that you are writing to impress the admission committee.
  • DO NOT be flimsy or flashy in your explanations. Dig deep and deliver striking insights.
  • AVOID writing about relationship problems or anything that seems out of place in a college application essay.
  • Try not to offer simple solutions to complicated problems.
  • Never write anything in poor taste or from a biased perspective.
  • DO NOT engage in parent bashing, cynicism, or go off on a random tangent.
  • Never makeup stuff or be dishonest.
  • Be very careful while using humor to make your point.

Stay mindful of the above things and avoid them at all costs if you intend your essays to have an excellent all-around impression. 

And, those were the five key steps to delivering a first-class college essay.  Please go through them, incorporate them in your essay writing strategy, and start writing exemplary essays that guarantee positive outcomes. 

And that rounds up this write-up. Hope it helps you write an outstanding college application essay and takes you one step closer to securing admission to that dream college of yours. 

All the best! 

Author-Bio: Anne Gill is a senior English professor from a prominent public college in Oklahoma, the UK. She is also a member of the college admissions board and a part-time tutor at MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk, a major digital brand offering a world-class Essay Proofreader.


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