Adobe adds AI-Powered Text-Based Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro


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Adobe has unveiled its latest update for Premiere Pro, boasting it as the “fastest and most reliable version” to date. The update is packed with new features and is powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s advanced AI technology, aiming to revolutionize video editing workflows and empower editors with enhanced creative capabilities.

One of the standout features of the update is the Text-Based Video Editing option, which leverages Adobe Sensei’s AI capabilities to automatically analyze and transcribe video clips. This innovative feature allows editors to copy and paste sentences in any order they desire, and see them appear in that sequence on the timeline. Essentially, videos are transformed into searchable transcripts, making it a breeze for editors to quickly locate and edit specific words or phrases in the footage. This feature is expected to significantly speed up the video editing process and greatly improve overall efficiency for editors.

Another noteworthy addition to Premiere Pro is the Automatic Tone Mapping and log color detection functionality. This game-changing feature empowers editors to mix and match HDR footage from various sources into the same SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) project, without the need to use complex LUTs (Lookup Tables) or manually balance footage for consistent color. This can save a substantial amount of time and effort in color grading, especially when dealing with footage from multiple sources with varying color profiles.

In addition, the update introduces Sequence Locking, which is designed to enhance collaborative editing workflows. Editors can now lock sequences to prevent accidental changes, making it easier to work on projects with multiple editors without the risk of overwriting each other’s work. Presence indicators have also been added, allowing editors to see who is online and actively working on the project, facilitating better communication and coordination among team members.

Furthermore, Adobe has introduced Work While Offline functionality, which allows editors to work on collaborative projects even when offline. Editors can make changes to their local copies of the project and later publish the changes without overwriting others’ work when they regain internet connectivity. This feature is expected to greatly improve flexibility for editors who may need to work in remote locations or with limited internet access.

The update also includes improvements to After Effects, Adobe’s renowned motion graphics and visual effects software. A new Properties Panel provides quicker access to key animation settings, and it is context-sensitive, automatically displaying the most relevant controls based on the user’s selections. Performance optimizations, such as faster timeline layer selection and multi-frame rendering of shapes, have also been implemented, along with new keyboard shortcuts for Selectable Track Mattes.

The latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects, including beta versions of the Text-Based Video Editing and Automatic Tone Mapping features, are set to be available starting in May 2023. More information about the update can be found on Adobe’s official website, and it is anticipated to be welcomed by video editors as a significant enhancement to their creative capabilities and workflow efficiency. Adobe continues to push the boundaries of video editing technology, empowering editors with cutting-edge tools and features to bring their visions to life with unparalleled efficiency and creativity.

AbdulRahman Sulehria
AbdulRahman Sulehria
Abdulrahman Sulehria (AR Sulehri) is a writer with a passion for technology, sharing his insights with others. His expertise in digital marketing also helps him to create content that is optimized for maximum engagement and reach.


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