AI Startup Anthropic Aims to Draft a New Constitution for Safe and Ethical AI

Credit: Anthropic

Anthropic, a leading AI startup, is taking on the ambitious task of drafting a new constitution to ensure safe and ethical development and use of AI. The constitution will lay out a framework for AI developers, policymakers, and companies to follow, providing guidance on best practices and ethical considerations.

The constitution will address issues such as data privacy, transparency, and accountability in AI systems. It will also outline ethical principles for the development and deployment of AI, such as fairness, responsibility, and human-centricity.


Anthropic is partnering with leading experts in AI ethics, law, and policy to develop the constitution. The startup hopes that the constitution will serve as a global standard for AI development, helping to ensure that AI is developed and used for the benefit of humanity.

Dr. Gifford, co-founder and CEO of Anthropic, stated, “As AI becomes more powerful and ubiquitous, it’s essential that we have a clear and ethical roadmap for its development and use. Our goal with this constitution is to provide a framework that promotes safety, accountability, and fairness in the use of AI.”