Apple CEO Tim Cook Morning Routine: GQ Interview Reveals Customer-Focused Approach

Image: Tim Cooks

Apple CEO Tim Cook morning routine has been revealed, and it’s not what you might expect from the head of one of the world’s most valuable company. In an interview with GQ, Cook shared that he starts his day at 5 a.m. by reading emails and notes from Apple customers about the impact of its technology.

Cook emphasized the importance of understanding how people feel about Apple’s products.

“If you’re in the business, like we are, of creating technology that really enriches people’s lives – you want to know what it’s doing,” he said.


“You want to know how people are feeling about it.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Qoute

Cook also mentioned that he welcomes complaints from customers, as it helps him stay grounded and connected with their thoughts and feelings about Apple products. He often forwards these emails to other Apple employees, demonstrating his commitment to customer feedback.

What sets Cook apart from other CEOs of big tech companies is that he has his email address open to the public, much like Jeff Bezos, former CEO and founder of Amazon. By keeping his email open, Cook aims to show that Apple is truly motivated by customer feedback and values their opinions. This approach aligns with Apple’s reputation for effective customer service, particularly in its stores, where customers can access the Genius Bar for support.

However, the shopping experience at Apple stores has been criticized in recent years. In 2019, Insider’s Ben Gilbert described the experience as “chaotic” in one of its Manhattan stores due to changes such as eliminating the Genius Bar and checkout counters, in favor of roaming employees with iPads. Currently, customers can book Genius Bar appointments on Apple’s website.

During his interview with GQ, Cook also shared a heartwarming letter he received that morning. The sender recounted how they had gone into a seizure while driving their car and crashed, but the iPhone 14’s crash detection system automatically called emergency services when they were unable to do so themselves. This anecdote highlights the positive impact of Apple’s technology on people’s lives.

It’s not just Cook who has a unique morning routine among tech leaders. Other CEOs, such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, have their own ways of starting their day.

Musk tweeted about eating a donut every morning, while Bezos likes to “putter” by reading the newspaper and having breakfast with his children.

Zuckerberg’s first activity is to go on Facebook, and Gates starts his day with an hour on the treadmill, according to previous reports.

Cook’s recent morning routine sheds light on how CEOs’ daily habits can not only impact their productivity but also influence how their companies are perceived. By prioritizing customer feedback and staying connected with users’ thoughts and feelings, Cook demonstrates Apple’s commitment to delivering products that enrich people’s lives.



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