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Best freelancing sites for beginners

Freelancing sites for beginners and remote work are trendy on the Internet, But some freelance marketplace are not trendy. Hence, the many exchanges that exist for a couple of months, at most a year, and then close. This article contains those exchanges on which you can make money and have been functioning successfully for a long time. Register, leave applications, and the work will not keep you waiting.

By the way, if you are already freelancing but sit without orders, be sure to go through new, not yet tested exchanges: perhaps this is where the projects of your dreams are placed.

General freelance exchanges — suitable for any specialization

  • Freelance hunt is a good exchange with interesting orders and loyal leadership that meets the needs of performers. Exchange overview here.
  • Freelance.ru is a smaller exchange than fl, but it has been on the market for a long time and enjoys a good reputation. Subjectively, projects and customers are more pleasant there than on FL.
  • Free is a relatively new and free freelance exchange with its features. Perfect for beginner freelancers. For registered contractors, there are free tenders (orders) mailing by email. You can also publish your services and post articles on the site with native advertising.
  • Headhub.ru is one of the new Russian-language services for posting vacancies (orders) for freelancers in various fields (copywriting, design, graphics, photography, video, and similar areas). You can contact customers directly. The main direction of the service is publishing a portfolio and finding freelancers.
  • weblancer is in fourth place in popularity and scale. Good projects come across.
  • youdo is a service of assistants where you can find not only freelancers but also maintenance specialists, plumbers, nannies – the range of areas covered is wide
  • Work is an exchange initially created based on a showcase “everything for 500 rubles”, an analog of the foreign Fiverr. Exchange overview here.
  • kadrof is not a very large freelance exchange with standard projects
  • rubrain is an exchange primarily for developers and other IT specialists
  • fl.ru is a prominent freelance exchange where hundreds of projects in various specializations are published every day. You can find anything you want.  


  • Upwork is the largest foreign freelance exchange with thousands of projects and thousands of performers. High competition, but you can catch big budgets and exciting customers, which often become permanent.  
  • Freelancer is a smaller Upwork exchange, but also very large. The exchange for taking freelancers’ money for themselves. be careful
  • Fiverr is Kwork’s prototype, a showcase where you list your services for $5. That is, you write what you can do for this amount and not dump.  
  • guru is an exchange mainly for IT specialists (although there are projects in any significant freelance specialties), there are exciting and monetary projects
  • PeoplePerHour – standard hourly exchange

I tell the students of the Cool Freelancer course how to write project responses, look for freelance work and position yourself correctly, and also teach how to draw up briefs and technical assignments: this speeds up the work process and allows you to focus on the main thing without being distracted by formalities. 

Projects for illustrators and designers given sites are best for freelancing and remote work

  • Behance is a popular showcase for publishing your projects and finding customers. Clients often find you themselves if they are interested in your portfolio.
  • 99designs is a competition-based exchange for designers. The customer publishes the brief, you propose your version of the design, and if he chooses it, you get the total amount for the project
  • illustrators – Russian stock exchange of projects for illustrators
  • godesigner is a Russian stock exchange operating on the 99 designs principle
  • design crowd is a foreign exchange, also based on the principle of competitions
  • designer.ru is a Russian project with vacancies and projects in design. There is not only freelance and remote work, but also an office

Marketplaces for the sale of finished works

  • Creative Market – photo, graphics, fonts, themes, 3D
  • The hungry jpeg  – graphic design
  • Designbundles /  Fontbundles – design / fonts
  • Yellowimages  – mockups, graphics
  • Themeforest – templates, themes for sites, plugins, designs, CMS-ki
  • Codecanyon – scripts and plugins
  • Videohive – video, effects, AE templates, 2D / 3D graphics
  • Audiojungle – music, and sounds
  • Graphicriver – fonts, logos, icons
  • Photodune – photos
  • 3Docean – 3D modeling

Photo stocks for sale photography and illustrations

  • Shutterstock – the most extensive and most expensive stock
  • Istockphoto
  • Dreamstime
  • Lori
  • Fotolia
  • Depositphotos
  • 123rf

Exchanges for copywriters on freelancing sites and remote work

Exchanges with “copywriting jobs” usually pay little and offer low-quality projects that not only squeeze you like a lemon but also reduce the level of your writing over and over again. I do not recommend working for them; it is better to study the resources on Facebook and Telegram with everyday projects for copywriters. And if you still don’t feel the strength to write high-budget texts, take my excellent copywriting course, learn.

  • Textbroker is an exchange where your bet starts at 100 rubles / 1000 characters. Strict selection (although it would seem, with such and such rates)
  • CopyLancer is a stock exchange with different rates and good reviews.
  • Textile is a low-rate exchange.
  • Ext – low-rate exchange
  • Advego – low rates, but tasks like “write a comment on the article” or join some group.
  • 2polyglot – an exchange for translators

Work for programmers and developers on freelancing site

  • Freelance – Habr project with good orders
  • 1clancer – work for 1C specialists

Work for architects and engineers on freelancing sites

  • remontnik – work for apartment renovators
  • myhome – projects for the renovation of apartments and houses, as well as the creation of design projects and visualizations
  • proektanti – engineering works tender exchange
  • Houzz – work for interior designers

Freelance for students beginners remote work

  • author24 – here, you can write (and order) term papers, thesis, and other student works
  • studlance is a resource for ordering any educational work, including problem-solving and translations
  • help-s – another site with theses, there are reviews for customers

In order not to hang on a dozen sites, use aggregators: SpyLance for everyone at once (it is paid), PrimeLance for English-language general freelance exchanges, and Shikari for job search on social networks.


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