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best place to buy refurbished iphone distinguish fake iphone

Figured out the question, better to buy a refurbished iPhone than a used one.

Where is the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone. How to distinguish between a fake iphone or a refurbished iPhone? Refurbishing or refurbished are iPhones bought, handed back to the store. And then put up for sale again at a discount.

They are inspected, repaired, cleaned, and tested before returning to the market. The recovery program most often includes smartphones with non-critical malfunctions, display cases, and fully functional iPhones, which customers returned to the store for one reason or another.

Refurbished and used iPhones are two different things. iPhone saling in the same condition as the previous owner: most likely, no one repaired, tested, or cleaned it.

What is a refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhones can divide into three categories.

The Manufacturer officially refurbishes iPhones. These are devices refurbished by the Apple company itself. In English, they are called Manufacturer Refurbished or Certified Refurbished.

Apple accepts for restoration of iPhones that are returning to stores shortly after purchase.

For example, the buyer changed his mind and found some non-critical defects – warranty cases – or those passed under the trade-in program. Heavily warn-out phones with serious breakdowns do not get into the recovery program but are sent immediately for recycling.

The recovery process takes place at the Apple plant and consists of several stages. Firstly, the company’s employees diagnose the iPhone and identify problems in its work. After that, all defective components are replace with new ones. The refurbished device is spotless, the case and the battery are change without fail. And then sent for detailed testing – the same thing that all.  

We purchased refurbished smartphones from China best place to buy refurbished iphone.

If testing is successful, Apple specialists assign a new serial number to the smartphone, pack it in a new box with the entire set of accessories and send it on sale with a discount of up to 15%. The appearance of the package differs from the usual one, and it has a unique marking – Apple Certified Pre-Owned. The rest of the iPhone is position “like new.”

Seller refurbished iPhones

These are devices refurbished by masters. Who have nothing to do with Apple? Seller Refurbished in English For example, Amazon has an Amazon Renewed division that sells equipment that its contractors have rebuilt.

If Apple permanently restores iPhones to a state of “like new,”. Then, in the case of an unofficial restoration, each seller decides for himself what quality bar to set.

The very same Amazon Renewed immediately warns that their equipment may have minor scratches and dents, boxes and accessories may not be original, and the battery capacity will not be complete, but not lower than 80%.

Retailers can categorize refurbished iPhones into different categories, such as appearance. In the “perfect” category, there will be fully functional iPhones with a body without visible defects.

Devices with minor external damage, such as small scratches or abrasions, fall into the “good” category. In the category “satisfactory,” – iPhones with noticeable external defects will also function normally. The lower the variety, the greater the discount.

The procedure for restoring iPhones may differ significantly from that adopted by Apple. For example, artisans may not change defective parts but repair them. If some components are nevertheless changed, it is not a fact that they will be original.

Performance testing criteria are also different for everyone, and often they turn out to be much less stringent than those of Apple.

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Seller Refurbished appliances are widespread in the American market. There are marketplaces in the USA that restore equipment and then resell it at a significant discount. To avoid losing customers, they try to keep the quality bar and always provide a guarantee for their devices.

Home of BackMarket – one of the largest retailers of refurbished equipment in the United States. Source:  

Handicrafts restored iPhones distinguish buy refurbished iphone

These can be, among other things, fake devices that are sold under the guise of new. So beware of and read the best place to buy refurbished iphone where There are unscrupulous companies on the market that buy up broken or drowned phones, disassemble them into components, and reassemble them into more or more miniature working devices.

These iPhones are packaged in boxes very similar to the original ones, and sometimes they are even assigned fake serial numbers and identifiers. Most often, they are sold through online stores.

How to buy an iPhone from your hands, the best place to buy refurbished iphone

Where to buy an officially refurbished iPhone

Apple’s support service informed that officially restored iPhones are not being delivered.

According to a company employee, if someone sells refurbished iPhones and claims that they are official, you can be sure that this is not true.

I wrote to BigGeek, an online hardware store that sells refurbished iPhones, and clarified this question.

The support service told me that Apple restored their iPhones, but these are unofficial deliveries. That is, the store itself buys officially fixed devices abroad and brings them to Russia for resale.

Thus, the only way to buy a refurbished iPhone from Apple in Russia is to look for unofficial supplies from abroad. These will be devices released for the foreign market, that is, without Rostest certification.

In technical terms, they will not differ in any way from certified ones, but if you decide to contact an Apple service center with it, problems may arise.

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The fact is that Russian centers do not accept under warranty some models without a Rostest certificate. In particular, this applies to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Therefore, before buying, it is better to clarify this issue in advance.

Another option is to order the officially restored iPhone from abroad yourself. For example, this can be done directly at the American Apple Store using one overseas shopping service that orders goods from their warehouses in the United States or Europe and then ships them to Russia. But it is not a fact that it will be much more profitable than buying a new iPhone in Russia.

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from the original

Apple company makes no secret that it resells some of its equipment, so it will not be difficult to distinguish an officially refurbished phone from a new one. How to identify best iphone refurbished? Just look at the box. There will be no iPhone image on it. Instead, it just printed the model name with the signature of Apple Certified Pre-Owned.

The second detail that will indicate that this is a refurbished smartphone is the model number. It starts with the letter F, while the new model numbers begin with the letter M.

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Another question – if they are trying to sell you an unofficially restored iPhone under the guise of a new one. Identify spoofing.

  • best place to buy refurbished iphone Check all the information about the model on the box and in the smartphone settings – they must match. These are the model name and number, serial number, IMEI, memory capacity, and so on. If you want to check this data right in the store, click on the “i” icon on the activation screen.
  • Pay attention to the model number is the best way to buy refurbished iphone. If you buy a new phone, it must start with the letter M. The last letters RU / A in the number will indicate that the iPhone was delivered to Russia directly from Apple and has passed Rostest certification.
  • Check the package contents. The box should contain all instructions. Stickers, a pin for ejecting a SIM card, original headphones, and a cable.
  • Check the device’s appearance: there should be no scuffs, dents, or scratches on it. Pay attention to the screws next to the charging connector: if there are screwdriver marks on them, then the phone has been disassembled.
  • Check the performance: screen responsiveness, button presses, camera quality, speaker performance, Wi-Fi connection, and so on.
  • Check your smartphone on the Apple website. Enter the IMEI number indicated on the box in the field and see what it will give you in response. If the site says, “you need to activate the iPhone,” then you have a new device in front of you. If it says that the service period has already expired or is ending earlier than in a year, then you have a phone that was already in use.
  • Try connecting your iPhone to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed. If the program does not recognize it, then you have a fake in front of you.

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