Czech Influencer Kazma Drops $1 Million From Helicopter

Money dropping from helicopter
Image: @kazma_kazmitch

Czech Republic influencer and TV host Kamil Bartoshek aka Kazma surprised locals on Sunday by dropping a whopping $1 million from a helicopter in the small town of Lysa nad Labem. The extravagant giveaway was initially intended for a single lucky winner as part of a contest announced in relation to Kazma’s movie ‘Onemanshow: The Movie’. However, when no one could crack the code to locate the money, Bartoshek took a generous turn and decided to distribute the wealth among all participants who had signed up for the challenge.

In a remarkable turn of events, participants were informed of the plan through an encrypted email sent at the early hour of 6 a.m. on Sunday. The recipients were provided with crucial information about the specific location where the money drop would take place.

True to his word, Kamil Bartoshek arrived at the designated spot at the scheduled time with a helicopter, ready to fulfill his promise. The momentous event was captured on video, which was later shared on social media platforms, including Instagram. In the accompanying caption, Kazma proudly exclaimed, ”The first real MONEY RAIN in the world! $1.000.000 dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic, and no one has died or got injured.”

The unique twist came with Kazma’s inclusion of QR codes on each bill, directing recipients to the Donio platform for charitable donations. Kazma, in his report, revealed that an Approximately four thousand people enthusiastically joined the spontaneous “banknote collection,” turning the event into a heartwarming display of community spirit and generosity.

The act of goodwill and excitement created quite a buzz in the local community, with many expressing their gratitude and excitement at the unexpected windfall. As news of the event spread, it quickly became a trending topic on various social media platforms, drawing attention not only from locals but also from people worldwide, intrigued by the unusual and benevolent gesture.

The town of Lysa nad Labem, now with a memorable story to tell, will undoubtedly cherish this extraordinary moment for years to come, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Kamil Bartoshek.