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Digital marketing services list and it’s all types explanation

All digital marketing services list with explanations one by one. The term digital marketing began to be used in the 1990s. So, At that time, the first banner ads appeared. So, and the CRM industry was starting to emerge.

Marketing has undergone significant changes since then. So many types of it appeared: some of them. Proved to be more effective than others. What kinds of digital marketing exist today. What is digital marketing. We display digital marketing services list given below.

The content of the article digital marketing services list

1. Account-based Marketing

2. Acquisition Marketing

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Brand Marketing

5. Buzz Marketing

6. Campus Campus Marketing

7. Cause Marketing

8. Content Marketing

9. Contextual Marketing

10. Conversational Marketing

11. Controversial Marketing

12. Client Marketing Customer Marketing

13. Digital Marketing

14. Email Marketing

15. Event Marketing

16. Experiential Marketing

17. Field Marketing

18. Global Marketing

19. Guerrilla Marketing

20. Inbound Marketing

21. Influencer Marketing

22. Informative Marketing

23. Interactive Marketing

24. The Multicultural Marketing

25. Native Marketing

26. Neuromarketing

27. Outbound Marketing

28. Partner Marketing

29. Personalized Marketing

30. Persuasive Marketing

31. Product Marketing

32. Proximity Marketing

33. Type Relationship Marketing

34. Search Engine Marketing

35. Social Media Marketing Marketing

36. Stealth Marketing

37. User-generated Marketing

38. Video Marketing

39. Voice Marketing

40. Word of Mouth Marketing

Instead of a conclusion

Account-based Marketing

Account Marketing (ABM) is a hyper-targeted marketing strategy that. So works with an individual customer. So Marketers create content, host events, and launch entire campaigns. That target a specific account, also not the industry as a whole.

Marketing acquisition (Acquisition Marketing)

Acquisition marketing often aims to attract. So new visitors to your website or landing page. Copywriting and lead generation campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

In some marketing service list, most of profitable marketing is Affiliate marketing is when one company rewards another for every customer. They’ve attracted by promoting an affiliate partner’s products.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing shapes so the public perception of the brand and the emotional connection. So, with the target audience through storytelling, creativity, humor, and inspiration.

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing service is a viral strategy that uses creative content. Interactive events, and influencers to create word of mouth and product anticipation.

Campus Marketing

Campus marketers typically hire college students to advertise. A product or service in a booth or booth near the campus or spread word of mouth.

Causal Marketing

Causal marketing is closely related to corporate social responsibility. And simultaneously aims to increase brand awareness and positive changes in society. All so this is done by Digital marketing supporting charitable activities.

Content Marketing

In Content marketing is the creation, publication, and also distribution of content to a target audience.  

Contextual Marketing

A contextual marketing so tool is various advertising. On social networks and websites. So It is shown to users depending on their online behavior and interests in Digital marketing.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing involves the ability. To have a one-on-one conversation with a potential client. Such discussions about so Digital marketing can be carried out using various channels. Chats, phone calls, SMS, private messages on social networks, email, instant messengers, etc.

Controversial Marketing

Discussion marketing is a method of gaining attention by motivating users to give their opinion. So Brands often use discussions to get people to talk about their product or service.

Customer Marketing

Customer marketing focuses on retaining current customers. This is done by improving both the product itself and the quality of service. Client marketing aims to turn existing clients into so true brand. Advocates to spread the word about the company itself in the future.

  It uses channels such as search engines, social networks, email. And other sites through which you can contact potential customers.

Email Marketing

One of the most valuable digital marketing services is Email marketing is the distribution of educational or entertainment content and promotional messages to people. Who voluntarily subscribe to the newsletter. You can also use email marketing strategies to grow leads with content that moves them gradually through the sales funnel.

Event marketing (Event Marketing)

Event marketing is planning, organizing, and so conducting events. To promote a brand, product, or service. Events can be held in person or via the Internet.

Experiential Marketing

Experimental marketing is an interactive experience. So digital marketing that encourages people to talk and engage more closely with a brand. This type of marketing creates the preconditions. For a closer connection between so the consumer and the brand.

Field Marketing

Experts on-field marketing create content that motivates a person to make a purchase. This type of content includes, for example, case studies, product reviews, comparisons with competitors, and more. This helps nudge the person to buy at the bottom of the funnel.

Global Marketing

Global marketing pay on the needs of potential buyers in other countries. Typically, a global marketing strategy requires businesses to conduct new market research, identify countries in which the company’s product may be in good demand, and then localize the brand based on the needs of the residents of the selected countries.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing uses bold and original Digital marketing techniques to creatively and cost-effectively reach audiences. So, build brand awareness, and spread the word about the company.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing allows you to generate warm leads by so driving them to your website or landing page with relevant and valuable content. Further interaction takes place via email and chat.

Unlike outbound marketing, you don’t have to compete for the attention of potential customers. Creating content also designed to solve consumer problems generates qualified leads and also builds trust in your company.

Influencer Marketing

The Influencer marketing is also based on the authority of popular and respected individuals within the target audience. Influencer recommendations are perceived more positively than those received from traditional advertising channels.

Information marketing (Informative Marketing)

Information marketing focuses more on facts rather than emotions. This tactic also involves comparing your product to what your competitors are offering. Although information marketing relies on facts and figures to convince potential customers to take the right action, the information must be presented as attractively as possible.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing also is an advanced type of marketing where your audience engages with engaging visuals or videos. This innovative form of marketing unleashes your creativity and. So, in turn, allows for more compelling stories to be told, making them one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention.

Multicultural Marketing

The Multicultural marketing also targets one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity. Multicultural marketing typically takes advantage of the different cultural backgrounds of groups, such as language, traditions, celebrations, religion, and any other concept. 

Native Marketing

Native marketing is when brands pay well-known companies to create and publish an article or video covering one of the customer’s target topics and looks like regular content. The customer also pays to distribute this sponsored content to a broader audience through social media and other websites.


Neuromarketing combines also neuroscience and marketing to help brands assess the emotional resonance of their current and future marketing campaigns. To do this, companies such as Immersion Neuroscience and Spark Neuro have developed technology that can measure people’s specific neurochemical and physiological responses. At the same time, they study the content of a campaign.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound linking marketing is a traditional type of marketing that includes intrusive activities such as print ads, TV ads, cold calls, and emails.

Partner Marketing

Through this type of marketing, you can attract new partners to sell a product or service to another pool of customers.

Personalized Marketing

It uses technology and data analysis. So, to provide potential customers with personalized promotional offers.

Marketing Persuasive Marketing

This type of marketing also focuses more on emotions and less on facts. The strategy also aims to make the audience feel something, associate those emotions with the brand, and take the desired action.

Product Marketing

Product digital marketing is about bringing a product. So, to the market and stimulating demand for it. This includes positioning, customer engagement, and getting a new product to market. In addition, product marketers must make sure that both sellers and potential customers understand the full benefits of a new product or service.

Marketing of location (Proximity Marketing)

This type of marketing is also known as comparative marketing. This strategy assumes that a PUSH notification about great deals or discounts is sent to his smartphone when a person is near your store. In addition, with the help of specific applications, you can track the location of people in stores and send them promotional offers depending on which department they are currently in.

Relationship Marketing

The Relationship marketing is the most convenient type of marketing that aims to develop deeper relationships with customers to ensure long-term brand loyalty. Relationship marketing is not focused on short-term deals. Instead, it seeks to meet customer needs over the long term.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) optimizes content for search engines or uses paid advertising to ensure that your company’s products or services are visible on search engine results pages. When a user enters a specific keyword, SEM allows your company to appear as the best result for a given search query.

Social Media Marketing

In this list, Social media marketing is becoming important in lead generation. Social media marketing about creating content to promote a brand and products on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Should be tailored Unique content to the specific forum you’re sharing it on to help increase your post’s reach and improve your ad campaign’s effectiveness.

Stealth Marketing

In all digital marketing services list, this is most expensive. Covert marketing is when a company hires actors or celebrities to promote its product or service. At the same time, consumers do not realize that something is being sold to them.

User-generated Marketing

User-generated marketing is when a business solicits ideas, information, and opinions from its audience on social media or runs contests to create better marketing material such as a logo or ad.

Video Marketing

In all given list of digital marketing services, this is most seeing people prefer Video marketing service over other marketing. Video marketing is about creating videos and uploading them to your website, YouTube, and social media to build brand awareness, increase conversions and increase sales.

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing also uses tools like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to educate users and answer their questions.

Word of Mouth Marketing

It is also a way to promote a product, service, website, or brand by spreading positive reviews to satisfied customers.

 In other words, you need to meet customer needs faster than your own. Only then will your customers turn into loyal consumers who will recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances.

Instead of a conclusion

In conclusion, Whatever type of marketing, or a combination of them, you choose as your primary strategy.

As we explained all digital marketing services list and its types how it works. 

The LPgenerator platform is not only a builder that allows you to create landing pages from scratch or based on ready-made templates without the help of a designer or programmer, effective, high-conversion advertising campaigns. So, Optimize conversions, track indicators of contextual or display ads, analyze, manage and process the received leads.

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