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Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg: the company will change its name to Meta on October 28

Continuation: Professor Appreciates Facebook Rebranding

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, and CEO said the company would change its name to Meta on October 28. It is reports RIA Novosti concerning the broadcast of Zuckerberg.

From today on, we will call Meta.

Zuckerberg has shown the company logo in the form of a blue Möbius strip. So, “I used to like classical exploration, and the word Meta comes from the Greek word for after. For me, it symbolizes the fact that you can always build something else,” “he explained. That’s why Facebook changes its name.

According to the founder of Facebook, the new brand focuses the company’s attention on the “metaverse,” where people will abandon screens and experience the effect of being in virtual reality.

A virtual reality

To change Facebook name, Zuckerberg also spoke about the corporation’s plans during a speech at the company’s annual conference on October 28. During his speech, he said about his intentions to develop augmented and virtual reality within the concept of the “metaverse.”. There are several reasons for changing the name of Facebook.

The founder of the well-known social network explained that the company wants to create and develop an environment where it will be possible to communicate with friends, work, and play. As an example, he cited how a social network user can go to a concert taking place simultaneously in real and virtual space.

Development of the ” metaverse.”

The first plans to create a virtual universe where users can “teleport” through digital spaces, announced in July vice president of the company Andrew Bosworth.

Then, Bosworth said that the experts had started a project to create a” metaverse”. Users will connect to it in VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) modes for cooperative play, communication, or work. What you think about Facebook changes its name to Meta?

So that you can remove the limitations of physics and move between them as quickly as moving from one room place in your house to another

Andrew Bosworth

About the creation of the ” metaverse.”

Bosworth also recalled that the similarity of such systems already exists. For example, Portal and Oculus can “teleport” a person into a room to their acquaintances, regardless of physical distance.

Later in October, it became known that Facebook plans to hire 10,000 engineers from the European Union as part of a project to create a “metaverse.” For this project, I will create highly skilled jobs within five years.

10,000 engineers

Facebook brought some changes, Will also hire Facebook to create a” metaverse.”

The decision has been taken at the vote of confidence in “the strength of the European technology industry. And the potential of European technical talent,” the company explained.

Facebook uses Europeans to create a ” metaverse.”

The American company Facebook plans to hire 10,000 engineers from the European Union as part of a project to create a “metaverse.” This is reported by TASS concerning the press service of the media platform.

Highly skilled jobs are going to be created within five years.  

In July, Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth announced the creation of a virtual universe where users can “teleport” through digital spaces. Users in VR (virtual) or AR (augmented reality) modes will be able to connect to the ” metaverse” to play, communicate or work together.

Mark Zuckerberg will transfer employees to virtual reality.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of Horizon Workrooms, Insider reports. It is a virtual reality workspace so that allows employees to simulate team meetings and communication.

Using the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, users also will create “avatars” that will access their work laptop and interact with colleagues in the virtual “metaverse.”

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