Google Cloud and NVIDIA Partnership Powers Up AI Computing

Google Cloud & NVIDIA logo with background of people look on white board
Image: Google Cloud & Nvidia Edited using Canva Pro

Google Cloud and NVIDIA, two tech giants, have joined forces to make computers smarter. This exciting partnership is all about using the power of the cloud to make AI computing more advanced. NVIDIA is a tech company that started in 1993. They’re known for inventing GPU back in 1999, which made computer games look amazing and changed how computers show pictures. This also kicked off the era of super-smart computers called AI (Artificial Intelligence) and helped industries become more digital. Now, NVIDIA is like a one-stop-shop for all things computing. They have really powerful computers for big data centers, and they’re changing how industries work with their tech.

Google Cloud is like a supercomputer that lives on the internet (the cloud). Google Cloud and NVIDIA Partnership means they’re working together to make computers do super-smart things.


Google Cloud helps businesses grow and improve using Google’s tech. They provide tools for developers to build things better, and people from 200+ countries trust them to solve tough business problems. It’s like having a helpful partner for your digital journey.

The partnership between NVIDIA and Google Cloud is making things easier and more powerful. You can now speed up your computer tasks with NVIDIA‘s high-performance GPUs like the A100, P100, P4, T4, or V100, all available on Google Cloud. Plus, you only pay for what you use.

During the Google Cloud Next event, their CEOs announced an expanded partnership focused on generative AI. They’re working on everything from processors to systems and networks to speed up AI and support researchers and developers worldwide. Google Cloud is also getting Nvidia’s H100 GPUs for its A3 supercomputer, boosting training speed and networking bandwidth.

This collaboration builds on Nvidia’s recognition as Google Cloud’s Generative AI Partner of the Year. They’re also using Nvidia GPUs for various research projects. Plus, Nvidia’s GPUs will power Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, and Google Cloud is embracing Nvidia’s DGX GH200 supercomputing system. The future looks bright for AI and computing with this partnership.