Google Maps to Provide Immersive View of Routes in Select Cities


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Google Maps has recently announced that it is expanding its Immersive View format to include routes in select cities. The new feature provides a more detailed view of the route, showing details on traffic, weather, air quality, bike lanes, and where to find nearby parking.

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To create this visualization, Google Maps uses a blend of AI, real-time data, and long-term trends to give users a sense of how busy traffic might be. The upgrade will be available in 15 cities by the end of the year, including popular destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Venice.

Tweet by Google: Immersive view

With Google Maps users looking up around 20 billion kilometers’ worth of directions per day, Immersive View will be an excellent addition for those looking for a more immersive experience while navigating unfamiliar routes.

The feature uses AI and computer vision to blend together billions of aerial and Street View images to create 3D models of spaces. Along with this, Google has also introduced some Maps-related updates for developers, including an Aerial View API for locations in the US and Photorealistic 3D Tiles to the Map Tiles API on an experimental basis.

The Aerial View API allows developers to add a birds-eye view video of a location to their apps or websites, while Photorealistic 3D Tiles provide access to high-resolution 3D imagery that powers Google Earth.

Google Maps continues to innovate and bring new features that enhance the user experience. With Immersive View, navigating unfamiliar routes in select cities has become even more interactive and immersive, making it easier to plan trips with greater accuracy and confidence.

AbdulRahman Sulehria
AbdulRahman Sulehria
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