GTA 6 Leak Reveals Monumental 750GB File Size and 400 Hours of Gameplay

Image Credit: GTA 6 NEWS, via Twitter

The gaming community’s anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has been mounting over the years, with no official trailer or release date in sight. However, GTA 6 leak have offered some intriguing insights into what might be the most colossal installment in the franchise yet, featuring a staggering 750GB file size and an epic 400 hours of gameplay.

A Decade of Waiting: Grand Theft Auto V, released in September 2013, is approaching its tenth anniversary, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series. Despite leaked gameplay footage from last year, an official trailer for GTA 6 remains elusive.


GTA 6 Rumors: Amidst the void of official information, rumors have been circulating about GTA 6’s setting, characters, and gameplay. Speculation suggests that the game will transport players back to the iconic Vice City and feature two protagonists, Jason and Lucia, inspired by the notorious criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.

The Latest Leak: The most recent leak, shared by GTA 6 News on Twitter, has ignited a mixture of excitement and concern within the gaming community. The leak suggests that GTA 6 will demand a massive 750GB of storage space on release day, setting a new standard for game file sizes. Additionally, the game is rumored to offer a colossal 400 hours of gameplay, promising a long and immersive experience.

Storage Woes: While the prospect of hundreds of hours of gameplay is enticing, the 750GB file size poses a significant challenge for many gamers. For instance, the PlayStation 5, advertised with 825GB of storage, reserves 158GB for system files, leaving a mere 667GB for games. GTA 6’s rumored file size exceeds this capacity by over 80GB, implying that players may need additional storage devices just to run the game.

The Future of Gaming: With such massive storage requirements, some gamers wonder if GTA 6’s release could coincide with the next generation of consoles, like the hypothetical PlayStation 6. The relentless advancement of technology and gaming hardware continues to reshape the industry.

Price Concerns: The leak arrives amid concerns that GTA 6 could come with a hefty price tag. Speculations suggest that the game may cost as much as $150, nearly $100 more than its predecessor, GTA V. If true, this pricing could be a significant factor for players considering the purchase.

Conclusion: While these leaks provide tantalizing glimpses into GTA 6’s potential, it’s essential to remember that they remain unverified until Rockstar Games releases official information. Gamers must also prepare for the possibility of upgrading their storage solutions to accommodate the mammoth 750GB file size. As the wait continues, the gaming community remains on the edge of their seats, eager to dive into the world of GTA 6 when it finally arrives.