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How Technology Has Changed Educational Process

Before 2020, students only used technology in their education to find data from the internet, see their results online and fill up forms. What are the three main ways technology was used in education before the pandemic hit the world? But today, technology is a large part of the whole education process. It all started when students had to take online classes over Zoom. Then the entire education was transformed from offline to online. Students have recently used technology to collect data, search for topics, download notes, and take assistance from custom essay writing services

The primary reason for this shifting is the pandemic. But till now, several students are there who prefer online education more than offline. They think that talking online is more convenient for them.. Let’s discuss how technology is an integral part of current education and how it is beneficial for students.

Live online classes

Due to students’ busy schedules, educational companies arrange live courses. For working professionals, these life classes are scheduled on weekends so that all will be able to attend them and learn from them. Travelling was an issue for several students out there who lived too far away from their schools or colleges. But now they have a solution. They can attend the classes from anywhere with a strong internet connection.

Students who have issues with schedules can also attend the weekend classes. They can attend it from their home, and they can attend these classes on the go too. They must use a phone with a larger display to attend the class properly. Attending the class in a larger display will not affect their eyesight too.  

Recorded class

 It may happen on the day of the class you are unable to attend due to some issues. But with the recording class feature, you will be able to record the class and see it whenever you feel like it.

In the case of the offline class, what would have happened is that if students miss the class, they will not get any chance to attend it again. But with the help of technology, they can do it. This is one of the most vital reasons students always prefer online education over offline.


Textbooks are not enough these days to gain knowledge and learn skills. Students also take the help of the internet to know the most about a particular topic. What happens in textbooks is that students can only read the work of a single or two writers.

But with the help of the internet, students can read different works of different authors, from Starbucks case study to the history of Apple. They can know it all these days with the help of the internet.

Different kinds of courses

After graduation, the majority of the students get a job, and that is where they have to spend most of their day. Several students want to pursue further education, but they cannot do it as they do not like to leave their work. But with the help of technology, you can pursue further education.

Several educational providing companies are coming up with several opportunities and courses. Students can get themselves enrolled, do classes and then grab opportunities provided by the companies. In that way, they will not have to leave their job and also be able to upskill themselves.

Upskilling is very important these days. Technology is advancing with each passing day, and companies are looking for super-skill employees.

Courses from abroad

 Several students do have a dream of pursuing a course from their dream college, which is abroad. Unfortunately, due to several issues, they are unable to relocate. But with the help of technology now they can easily pursue courses from abroad. What they have to do is that they need to get themselves enrolled and go through the mandatory process.

Only then will they be able to attend classes from their dream college by sitting at their homes. Yes. one thing which students may need to face is the time difference. They may have to attend classes at odd hours.

Individual attention 

What happens in online classes is that students do not get the full attention of a teacher. In an offline class, a teacher has to at least take care of 20 students at a time.

They have to solve their doubts and make them learn new things. So, students who need more guidance from their teacher cannot get it. Due to this reason, students have to enroll themselves in online classes. Due to the technology, students can get the full attention of a teacher. They need to book slots where they can be the only student in the class.

Get to know different things

When students attend online classes, they get to know about several things such as MLA referencing, handling issues, working under pressure, and getting a view of how the professional world works. Technology has made the world a tiny place.

It has affected the education industry too. Students can learn so many things when interacting with other classmates who belong to different cultures. They learn about their expertise and how they handle things in real life.

Final thoughts

From the above discussions, it can thus be said that due to technology, students can get an in-depth education. They can experience several benefits, which they would have missed if they had chosen offline education.

It can also be predicted that the whole education system may shift from offline to online because online education is more convenient and more accessible to attend than offline. But yes, offline education has its advantages. When students do take offline education, they maintain a systematic life.

Author bio – Alley John is a professional writer and has his own customer essay writing company. He is also associated with and helps students in several ways. He also has interests in travelling and music.

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