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How to stay on top of the Google search engine

How to be #1 on google search, Google and Yandex searches without extra costs. For a resource to take high positions in organic search results. It is necessary to carry out a set of works, selected considering its type and structure, product features, and target audience.

It is the most complex thing called SEO (Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization). CROPAS specialists can professionally perform a complex of services for website, online store, landing page promotion.

Is it possible to promote the site yourself in the search engine Google

Yes, You can bring a site to #1 on google search results on your own. If you are constantly engaged in its optimization and filling. Such promotion includes:

  • Technical work.
  • Measures to optimize the structure.
  • Navigation.
  • Creation of helpful content (unique texts, thematic videos.
  • Infographics and other materials that will interest the target audience).

Hence, Information on how to independently raise a site in a search engine will be helpful to owners of commercial resources to sell goods or services, information portals, bloggers.

Self-promotion methods

Firstly, what you need to do, become #1 on google search. To promote any online resource to be effective, you need to use an integrated approach.

Ways by which you can promote the site yourself:

  1. Creation and publication of available texts for the target audience.
  2. Text optimization.
  3. Improving ease of use (usability).
  4. Internal linking.
  5. Fast loading and constant availability of pages.
  6. Harmonious design.
  7. Building up the link mass.
  8. Filling with texts

 Moreover, It is recommended to use a particular search engine service. I recommend the most useful search engine is the Google. it’s the most usable search engine and to be #1 on Google search. You should follow google webmaster guidelines.

 In what quantity were shown to the target audience during the month. Which queries were directed along with the main keywords?

Articles, news, other publications on the website or blog must correspond to the promoted topic, be reliable and valuable for target consumers. You also need to enter keywords in the texts that potential buyers search for your goods or services.

Optimization of titles and texts to be #1 on google search engine

To promote your site yourself in search engines, you need to optimize all pages for the main queries selected through Yandex.WordStat. To improve behavioral factors, you need to consider engaging “catchy” titles, work out meta tags – title, description, and harmoniously enter keywords into the tags.

Basic recommendations for text page optimization:

  • Headings must include the natural occurrence of the keyword. Those all unreadable queries like “buy shoes in Moscow” need to be converted into a phrase that will be easy to read – “buy shoes in Moscow.”
  • Tests should be structured, divided into semantic blocks. It is imperative to use lists, tables, images, and other content that helps convey information more clearly and comprehensively. Solid texts are not readable by users. When the text is broken into paragraphs. it is much easier to read. For visual breakdown, headers h1-h6 are using correctly. 


Importantly, to raise a site on demand for free. You need to ensure its ease of use to be no 1 on Google search engine. Having entered the resource, the user should see how to find goods or services, place an order, and perform other actions. It is necessary to post contact information in a prominent place. If the user does not understand what is offered on the site. How to search for information or make purchases, he quickly leaves the resource. This is counted as a refusal and lowers the rating.

Internal linking

Re-linking is the placement of links that lead to another page of the resource. These are key phrases or words related to the topic of the pages to which they go. This is a good and convenient way to jump to another section or subcategory quickly. And most important ranking factor to be no 1 on google search engine. In addition, moderate use of internal links has a good effect on the ranking of the site. It allows you to increase its position in the search results and distribute the page weight according to the degree of their importance. To add links, you need to write the code correctly.

Fast loading and constant availability of pages

Significant problems that reduce the comfort of using the site are:

  • Long loading this is the most important factor be #1 on google search engine
  • Freezing during transitions from page to page.
  • Falling out of the network.

Technical errors affect the perception of it by users, as well as the evaluation by search engines. To eliminate such technical problems, you need to choose reliable hosting. And also order a technical audit from professionals. Without special knowledge, it will not be possible to independently check, identify code errors, viruses, or other problems and eliminate them.

Harmonious design

A significant factor that affects the attitude of a potential buyer to the resource. And the products presented on it is the site’s design. It should correspond to the topic, meet the preferences of the target audience and the purpose.

Do not overload the main page with too large or overly bright pictures. Use aggressive background colors, unreadable fonts. Texts must be readable. Feature images must use but in moderation.

When creating a resource prototype, you need to think over a convenient structure, navigation system, essential design elements (order buttons, feedback forms, online chat, etc.).

Building up the link mass

One of the ways to get your site into the top ten in organic search is to create a high-quality link mass. These are external links that lead from other resources with similar topics. You can buy perpetual links on exchanges or put them manually on trust sites, target forums, reviewers (natural link mass), etc. Purchased permanent links are placed mainly in thematic articles on trusted sites.

Features of Google and Yandex, which you need to know for effective promotion

In conclusion, To effectively promote a site on your own, you need to consider the specifics of work, search engine algorithms. Search robots have a very negative attitude to various technical problems – code errors, outdated layout, lack of responsive design. The site’s rating may decrease due to hidden texts or links, slow loading speed, viruses, etc.

Helpful information and main keywords be #1 on google search

  • The Google system positively perceives the presence of a high-quality link mass (external links). Yandex does not give as much weight to links as Google does.
  • High-quality texts relevant to the subject are one of the most significant factors be #1 on google search, thanks to which you can promote a site and raise its position. All major search engines focus on the usefulness, relevance of the content of the online store’s content and blog.
  • Search engines scrutinize behavioral factors closely. Indicators such as refusals are essential (the user stayed on the page for less than 10 seconds but left), viewing depth, time spent on the page, etc. To do this, you need to fill the site with helpful information about goods or services, expert articles, exciting industry news, etc.
  • It is essential to use markup, headings of different levels. Search robots favorably perceive competent text structuring. So does the presence of popular keywords in headlines.

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