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How to beat Facebook bans? (100% free) advice account creation

How to beat Facebook bans? A complete guide to working with purchased accounts.

Previously, I was also afraid of blocking. I sent my passport for verification and waited weeks to unblock the ad account.

So that you do not step on the same rake, I will tell you a few tips and methods with which you:

  • Minimize the number of Facebook bans ;
  • Find out what to do if Facebook banned you for the first time ;
  • learn how to use the anti-detection browser ;
  • stop being afraid that another account will be banned ;
  • you will discover a method for creating a steady stream of advertising ;
  • Increase your expertise in front of clients.


  • Comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. Avoid the stop words “Easy weight loss, Earn money, Guaranteed, No risk” in your ads, replace them with synonyms, play by the rules of Mark Zuckerberg;
  • Show social activity every day and increase the trust of your account (Trust – trust), play 10 minutes of games;
  • Don’t always fight with support for disapproved ads. Put up with it, remove the ad, and redo the creative;
  • The first days on a new advertising account, do not rush into the battle with conversions, unscrew 2000 rubles for traffic, in 2-3 days;
  • Put two-factor authentication on your account. The confirmation will come to your phone or enter the code from Google Authenticator in the settings.

Let’s start

You were banned for the first time with a Facebook ad account

You created a new one, but it was also forbidden. What should I do to beat Facebook bans on ad account?

First, come to terms with the fact that Facebook accounts are consumable, and any Facebook ad account will be banned someday.

Resigned? Then follow the instructions.

1) Register and download the Incognito anti-detection browser. It is a tool for working with multiple browser profiles, protecting each of them with a unique digital fingerprint.

2) Purchase residential proxies for working with accounts. I purchase here. (Not advertising)

To hide your IP address, under which the account has already been banned

3) Get a new Facebook account.

I advise you to purchase an account with a passed ADR (Ban on Advertising Activity). When buying another, most likely at the first launch on the advertising target of “Conversion,” the account will get precisely on the ZRD, and the chances of getting out of there 50/50, it is easier to buy with the passed ZRD.

4) You receive a document of this format:

4.1) You go to Incognito

4.2) Create a new profile.

4.3) You name it as it is convenient for you. I call it the login and password of the account. Generating a new fingerprint.

4.4) You choose the type of connection HTTP or SOCKS5.

4.5) Fill in the data received after purchasing the proxy and insert the port after the IP based on the chosen type of connection.

4.6) Paste everything in the User-Agent field written in your document after the same inscription, before the colon.

Create ad

Disable ads


How to build an Online to Offline marketing system from scratch and attract tens of thousands of people from social networks and instant messengers to offline stores.

4.7) Create a profile.

4.8) You import cookies. The document starts with square brackets and ends with square brackets.

4.9) You go to the profile through the “Start” button

5) If you did everything correctly, you will go to your profile without a username and password.

6) The first day, go to your profile and several sites through the browser – “work up cookies.” After that, you can go to the advertising office.

If you have done everything, but you were knocked out to check your passport, contact the store’s support or try to change the proxy, as well as upload any passport, preferably not from the first page of Google.

That’s it, now you know how to use purchased accounts to beat Facebook bans, and now the ban of your account or the client’s account should not scare you.

When working with clients, I always point out that consumables (proxies, business managers, accounts) are not included in the cost of my work, and clients pay them. You can already have them at the cost of your services.

Now for the sweet. We minimize the “downtime” of advertising.

Are you pouring big budgets, and you can’t stay without traffic for a minute?

How To Minimize Simple Ads?

Many people are familiar with the situation when an account is banned, advertising does not spin, and it takes precious time to buy and warm up a new one.

The business manager grid will help with this.

The essence of the method: build a network of business managers and advertising accounts.

We have to:

  • The business manager, “Main,” will store valuable resources for us (Instagram account, business page, pixels, domains, and audiences.
  • Three secondary business managers, “Spare,” on which there are only advertising accounts, can be purchased in the stores listed above. I advise you to buy with the marks “Old BM, Created long ago.”

Now we have 4 business managers in our hands.

We transfer all our resources from the “Main” to 3 “Spare” ones and thereby build our network of business managers through the partnership.

We have conveyed, but what’s the point?

We launch advertising through the “Spare” business managers, and when one of them is blocked, 

Do not forget to add a second administrator to each business manager so that if the primary account is blocked, you do not lose access to our grid.

That’s it. Now we can work calmly, stably, and not depend on locks.

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