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How to become an influencer

Who is an influencer

The question is can anyone become an influencer? An influencer is a famous person who can influence the decisions and opinions of others. It can be a star whose fans want to dress similarly and lead the same lifestyle, or an expert in some field whose opinion is listened to on thematic issues.

Each influencer has an audience that trusts him, and this makes them attractive for advertising collaboration.  

Types of influencers by occupation

Influencers can be categorized by social media in which they publish most often, content formats, and their activities. With social networks and configurations, everything is quite simple: Instagram and Facebook influencers, YouTubers, Tiktokers, podcasters, game streamers. But I prefer the classification by activity that Forbes magazine has proposed: stars, journalists, experts, personal brands, analysts, and intermediaries. Let’s figure out who is who.


Stars in the traditional sense are actors, models, football players, artists. Traditionally, these are influencers with the largest audience. The popularity of the stars on social networks is ensured not by the content but by their fame itself. For example, when Sir David Attenborough.

One of the most famous naturalists globally, started an Instagram account, the first million followers appeared in 4 hours 44 minutes. A similar situation happened with actress Jennifer Aniston – she gained a million followers in 5 hours 16 minutes.

Stars can write about almost anything, unlike, for example, industry experts. They don’t need to serve up engaging regular, high-quality content – as long as the star remains famous, she will be an influencer.


A journalist is a content creator. It is gaining the popularity and trust of its audience. Thanks to its well-developed—high-quality—exciting content about what is happening in the world. Journalists are often involved in the media – authors of publications, anchors of programs, and freelance journalists. Their audience is recruited from the audience of the journals where they publish their work.

An example of a journalist is Yuri Dud, the editor-in-chief of an online sports magazine and then launched his interview show. A more classic example is the Russian journalist Leonid Parfenov, author of books, author and host of a TV show, editor of documentaries.

Industry expert

Traditionally, experts are influencers with a small but engaged audience. An expert is closely associated with his profession but rarely has a connection with one publication or company. An example of an expert is copywriter Denis Kaplunov – he has published several books on copywriting and owns his agency.

An expert’s opinion is valued above all in its subject matter. However, he can speak on other topics, but his point of view will not be so solid in this case. For example, a biochemist is an authority for chemical processes in the body, an auto expert for a new motorcycle model. But their opinions on agriculture will be equally useless.

Personal brand

A personal brand is a public image that almost anyone can create. Usually, a personal brand is essential for business owners who simultaneously act as the face and speaker of the company. A striking example of a personal brand is Igor Mann, a marketer and author of books, co-founder of the publishing house “MIF.”

Also, a personal brand is often developed by specialists for whom image is essential. They do not gain an audience on purpose. They write about their work, communicate with colleagues and publish in specialized publications.


An analyst is an important influencer at the company’s expense as a source of information, influence, and experience. This can be a manager or a key employee, or any of her trusted representatives. If the analyst does not additionally develop his influence as an expert, his brand, then with the loss of his place in the company, he will leave the public field.

Analysts can be seen in the news with forecasts for the economy. For example: “an expert of such and such a bank predicted a fall in real estate prices.” The influencer is significant here precisely as an employee of a particular company. It gives him weight.

Mediator (connector)

This is a spider-man – he knows everyone, and everyone knows him. Probably, each of us on Facebook came across a person who seems to be unfamiliar but shares with us an impressive list of mutual friends from different work spheres. This is the mediator. He forges valuable and rewarding connections with others and brings them together as needed.

An influencer doesn’t necessarily fall under one type. An analyst can develop a personal brand, a journalist can be an intermediary, and a star can develop as an industry expert.

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SmartInsights distinguishes four more types of influencers: authority, activist, insider, and agitator. The infographic below shows each type of diagram based on three criteria: audience size, level of influence, and relevance to the context of the situation:

 Types of influencers and schemes of their influence on the audience.  

Types of influencers by subscriber count

Another system divides influencers by audience size.

  • Macro – over a million subscribers.
  • Midi – from 100 thousand to a million
  • Micro – from 5 to 100 thousand.
  • Nano – up to 5 thousand.

The categories with the most engaged audiences are micro and nano influencers. They can maintain close contact with subscribers. Mid and macro-influencers are deprived of this opportunity – the audience is too large, and there is no point or opportunity to answer all comments and questions.

How an influencer can help a business

Working with influencers will bring new customers to the brand and improve relationships with existing ones. Through influencer marketing, you can build brand awareness, as well as promote new products.

Brand awareness and new customers

We have already figured out that a massive advantage for influencers for a company is their engaged audience. Instead of running advertising campaigns on cold clients and guessing with creativity, you can turn to the correct influencer – he knows how to serve it to the audience best. If you think and combine a blogger’s ad with some viral activity or competition, you can get decent coverage for an acceptable budget.

Important! The influencer must match the image and values ​​of the company. So, You can’t t advertise beer on a yoga blog, and a blogger with a dog allergy isn’t good for dog food.

Promotion of a new product

It isn’t easy to promote new products, especially if it is something entirely new for the market. Cold clients will not watch lengthy videos and study the landing page until they need this product. The involvement of an influencer solves this problem – their content will be protected and read for their own sake, and there will be interest in the product.

Here’sHere’s an example of the promotion of a new phone from Asus. The company launched a contest, told about it not only in its account but also through famous bloggers:

Asus campaign to promote a new phone model with the involvement of bloggers

Retention and loyalty of existing customers

Loyal customers occupy an important place in the sales funnel. If your service is good, products and services are high quality, and the values ​​coincide with the audience, there is an excellent chance to build up a pool of regular but loyal customers. Loyal customers will not leave because of price increases or company difficulties: they are emotionally attached to the brand.

Working with influencers is a tool for building loyalty. People read their favorite bloggers, see your product in their life, and have a positive attitude towards it. This helps to create their own reasonable opinion of the product.

Learn how to incorporate influencer marketing into your promotion strategy. They often talked about the most common mistakes in working with influencers, avoiding them, and converting leads from influencers into buyers.

Working with an influencer: options for cooperation

Let’sLet’s analyze the main options for cooperation with influencers: from one-time and short to “lifetime.”

Product placement

The easiest way to collaborate with an influencer is product placement, showing the product in the blogger’s environment without much mention. Product placement has long been actively used in advertising. Remember how many times you have noticed MacBooks or Coca-Cola in films.

Blogger talks about herself and makeup but mentions beauty products.

Staged ad insert

An influencer can order a whole promotional video. It will be better if he comes up with it himself, and you make sure that it fits within the budget and reasonable limits. Then the ad will not stand out from the rest of the content, and subscribers will perceive it as usual.

An excellent example of such videos is the conversational youtube show “What happened next?”. Comedians from the program are film in commercials, which can be used as screensavers in the front. For example, one of the episodes begins with an advertisement for Aviasales.

A staged commercial for Aviasales in the show “What happened next?”

Helpful advice! After advertising with a blogger, launch an advertising campaign to his audience, but on behalf of the brand. Subscribers will warmly and more likely to respond to direct ads.

Special project

An Influencer Special is a massive campaign that can bring together multiple bloggers and many pieces of content. You can also lunch Special projects to launch a new company or product on the market, for a particular date, or as a reaction to a bright event.

The team of applications invented a particular funny project to sell used branded items Reposh for its launch. Through bloggers, the guys launched a flash mob with the hashtag #yareposher – bloggers published a post with only one hashtag without explanation.

Blogger post with a mysterious hashtag as part of a particular project for the launch of the application

A wave of interest formed around the hashtag, and at its peak, the same bloggers began to publish posts explaining what it was. As a result, we have to manage to get almost 22 thousand registrations in the application.

Guest blogging

Invite influencers to your brand account. You can release branded videos with their participation, conduct live broadcasts, make text posts with photos. An example from an account that promotes curd cheese. So, the company came up with a culinary show and invited bloggers to it as hosts:

Cooking show with bloggers to promote Violette curd cheese


Another standard format for working with an influencer is a product review. Such a scheme is often practice for barter. A company sends samples and influencer reviews. Barter reviews are top-rated in the beauty industry. It costs little for a big brand to send out a couple of hundred eyeshadows So, which can get decent coverage.

An example from the beauty industry: an influencer reviews a home gym. A video from a training session, a story about functions, a promotional code for a discount – such posts can bring direct sales.

Beauty blogger reviews home sports trainer.

Helpful advice! If the blogger doesn’t like the product. So, don’t offer bribes for a good review. Not everyone will tolerate this, and the study will release for free. But it will crush you to smithereens.

Brand ambassador

An ambassador is an influencer who regularly and unobtrusively shows the brand’s involvement in their life. This is ongoing product placement and brand recommendation in relevant situations.

The Ambassador helps translate ads into a super native format. He also summarizes the values ​​of the company to his audience and constantly appears in its products. An example of an ambassador is rapper Oxxxymiron, who in 2016 became the first Reebok ambassador in Russia.

Oxxxymiron unveils a new track in the signature Reebok tee.

Don’t get confuse in terms! Among the fans of the brand, evangelists and advocates are also distinguishes. An evangelist is a satisfied customer who speaks highly of a brand whenever possible. A lawyer is a delighted client who shares good reviews and defends the brand in public discussions. Evangelicals and advocates work for free, out of love for the company, its services, and products.

The face of the brand

Sometimes brands hire famous people to represent the brand in the media field. For example, journalist Yuri Dud in 2018 became the face of the Eldorado company. The company launched a whole range of projects with his participation: a classic commercial, a video project “Budvdele” about Dud’sDud’s trip to Yamal, and an accompanying competition, advertising in episodes of his show “vDud.”

As the face of the Eldorado company, Yuri Dud starred in a project about a trip to Yamal.

How to start collaborating with influencers

  1. Define your target audience. It should be the same for you and the influencer who will advertise you.
  2. Define the correct category of influencers. So, This will depend on the goals, the level of the business, and the size of the budget. For example, micro and nano influencers are suitable for small companies with a modest budget.
  3. Find the right influencers. You can also do this yourself in niche communities, at specialized events, or search on unique platforms and exchanges: for example, GetBlogger, FameBit.
  4. Would you mind selecting the best and checking their audience and reputation? Contact them and suggest options for cooperation.

In the article “How to properly establish work with opinion leaders “we tell you in detail about each step and give helpful advice. How to prepare, what to write to the influencer, and what to do. If you are not answered

Influencers: What to remember

 It can be a showbiz star, a journalist, a niche expert – any person whose opinion other people listen to, whom they want to be like.

Influencers are valuable to businesses because they already have an audience that listens to them. Thanks to this, it is convenient to talk about a brand through an influencer, advertise products and services – advertising will be more effective due to the person’s influence.

Both large and small companies can work with influencers: cooperation can be expensive or cheap depending on the size of the blogger’s audience. At the same time, often in small audiences, engagement and influence are higher due to the close contact of the influencer with his subscribers.

The price also depends on the format of cooperation: product placement and any one-time mention will be cheaper. A series of posts, a video review, a particular project, or a contract with an influencer as a brand ambassador or face will be more expensive.

Work with influencers – turn their loyal audience into your customers. And then SendPulse will take over – our complex and automated mailings will help maintain a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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