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microsoft surface pro x review and specs

Just a few days with Microsoft surface pro x review was enough for me to find something to start clinging to. However, that doesn’t change that the Surface Laptop 3 has something to grab your attention.

Microsoft made many wise decisions early in the development of Surface Laptop 3. Someone at the company finally concluded that a Windows laptop should be practical first and foremost. We already have Surface Book and Surface Pro for compactness or transformation. The line of Microsoft laptops is primarily a workhorse for schoolchildren, students, working people, or doing business. This is a traditional workstation.

To eliminate the Alcantara trims when the focus was on improving the trackpad, keyboard and display. The processor of the new Surface Laptop has also received a lot of attention. We do not have publicly available integrated hardware but a specially designed AMD chip from the Ryzen family for the first time. All this is to make the updated computer as practical as possible because the Laptop 3 has severe opponents. Specifically, Huawei’s Matebook X Pro is a laptop that is close to ideal, in my opinion. Should I change it to Surface?

Surface Laptop 3 Specifications

Operating system:

Windows 10 Home (consumer editions) 

Windows 10 Pro (enterprise editions).

Screen – 15-inch PixelSense, touchscreen, 2496×1664, 10-point, Surface Pen support.



Editions: AMD Ryzen 5 3580U 

AMD Ryzen 7 3780U 

Business Editions : 

Intel Core i5-1035G7 

Intel Core i7-1065G7.


Intel: 8/16 GB LPDDR4X-3733 

AMD: 8/16/32 GB DDR4-2400.

Data storage – SSD NVMe 128/256/512 GB.

Graphics – Intel Iris Plus 950, AMD Radeon Vega 9, Radeon Vega 11.

Connection and networks:

Intel: WiFi 6 (802.11ax) 

AMD: WiFi 5 (802.11ac) 

Bluetooth 5.0.

Keyboard and trackpad:

Backlit keyboard with 1.3mm keys. 

Precision 115 × 76.66 trackpads, 

glass surface gesture support (up to five fingers).

Safety devices:

Business editions: TPM 2.0 chip, enterprise-grade

 security with Windows Hello. 

Consumer versions: TPM software.

Battery – Up to 11.5 hours of battery life, 

fast charge function: up to 80% in 1 hour.

Camera – 720p, f / 2.0, with Windows Hello login.

Audio – Speakers, two microphones.

Ports and Connectors:

1 × USB-C 

1 × USB-A 

1 × 3.5mm Audio 

1 × Surface Connect.

Sensors – Illumination.

Power supply – 60 + 5 W.

Size and weight – 339.5 x 244 x 14.69 mm, 1.54 kg.

Price – From $ 1199 (77 thousand rubles).

The monitored equipment also was equipped with a 15-inch touchscreen resolution of 2496 × 1664 pixels (3: 2 ratio, 201 PPI, with stylus support). A 14nm Ryzen 5 Raven Ridge processor is responsible for performance with integrated Radeon RX Vega 9 graphics and 8GB of DDR4 RAM, jointly developed by AMD and Microsoft. A 256 GB SSD from Hitachi represents the memory in my version. So the laptop runs on Windows 10 Home.

We have one USB-C, a USB-A port, a headphone jack, and Surface Connect when it comes to available ports. The computer also has a TPM and a Windows Hello compatible camera.

Design and minimalism

Microsoft Surface pro x review Design and beauty is a very individual matter. However, I can’t help but mention that I love the minimalism of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. A consistent, simple design that doesn’t even have speaker holes. I have to admit, this type suits me very much. It reminds me of my once beloved ThinkPad notebooks.

Simplicity does not mean rashness. So, surface Laptop 3 is light. So, thin and perfectly balanced. The device weighs just over 1.2 kg, which is not bad for its size. I didn’t feel it in my backpack, even when I had the opportunity to make a short trip with it. The construction seems durable – no doubt used high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes w in its production. It is a very mobile machine despite its size.

Unfortunately, the first caveat is also about minimalism. It’s great that Microsoft’s Surface line of laptops is finally getting a USB-C port. It is a pity that one, and without Thunderbolt 3. Add to this the second regular USB, and that’s it. I don’t consider Surface Connect because the connector requires particular accessories.

Such a small number of ports on a 15 “laptop is hard to forgive a well-known manufacturer. In addition, their placement is not the best, and Surface Connect has a hard time inserting a cable, even though the port is magnetic – I never did it without looking.

Laptop display

The Microsoft Surface Pro x review Laptop 3 uses a 3: 2 display aspect ratio. For most applications, especially Microsoft software, a display with this aspect ratio is better than 16: 9 or 16:10. The quality of the panel is consistently high. It is bright with excellent contrast. The colours are natural, although they could be better.

Competitors, including Microsoft partners, have already learned how to produce displays with skinny bezels. The Surface Laptop 3 is a bit dated in this regard. The laptop case could be reduced while maintaining the same display-diagonal.

Excellent keyboard and trackpad

Typing on the Surface Laptop 3’s keyboard is an absolute pleasure. This does not surprise anyone – Microsoft surface pro x has been famous for the highest quality keyboards since time immemorial. Installed in Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, it maintains the highest standards. The height, elasticity, and placement of the buttons are also close to perfect.

The support platform, devoid of Alcantara, is very comfortable. It fully provides rest for the hands. Surprisingly, the button presses are pleasantly deep – unthinkable given the thickness of the laptop.

I have a lot of good things to say about the glass trackpad as well. The panel is enormous, pleasant to the touch. All gestures available in Windows 10 are supported (up to five fingers at a time). The trackpad clicks excellent too. I do not know if it can be better since I have not yet met such solutions.

CPU performance

Microsoft surface pro x Habitual interaction with a relatively small number of tools is not enough for me to tell something interesting about the performance and culture of the laptop. Of course, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 behaves with dignity at any time in this regard. The tools that I use for work are a Chromium-based browser (multiple tabs at the same time), Word and Excel, a system mail client, and Lightroom and Photoshop, in which I process RAW files received from a Nikon camera. Messengers and other small applications usually run in the background. I have never been able to overload the Ryzen processor on this laptop. The above set of applications and actions is not too demanding for the Surface Laptop 3.

Even at high speeds, the fan emits a quiet sound, which means a well-designed cooling system. The problem is, it seldom stops. While writing these words, I have Word open and three tabs in a browser without Flash or media. And I can hear the fan noise in the background. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially since I’ve already noticed the noise on Laptop 3 while sleeping. Not very optimistic.


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 runs Windows 10 Home (why not Pro ?!). It would seem that hardware and software from Microsoft is the best combination possible. Well, of course, when it comes to the critical issue of directly controlling the firmware or drivers. Unfortunately, Windows 10 has its drawbacks.

Take, for example, such an elementary issue as battery maintenance. When using the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 daily, it is worth setting the 40-60% charging limit. Thus, the equipment will last much longer than with a fully charged battery. We will find a corresponding tab in the operating system to enable a special mode (called differently) in other business laptops.

Microsoft Surface pro x review do you know where to look for this switch in Surface Laptop 3? Well, in UEFI. In a place where also no user would think to look and should not look. Microsoft only adds the Surface app. We can check your computer’s warranty status or customize your Surface Pen.

Autonomy Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3 battery life is far from perfect. I would like to emphasize that I have only had the opportunity to unload the battery twice so far.

First time soon after initial setup, so the laptop can tweak many things in the background, consuming CPU time. About seven hours after fully charging, I received a message that it was time to plug the computer into a power source or save applications.

This is a good result as it is about real work and not about looping video or similar measurements, although not sensational. The fast-charging system pleased us: after about an hour, the battery charges from 5 to 80 per cent.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is a lightweight laptop with a design that suits me very well. The keyboard and trackpad are perfect, with a very good 3: 2 aspect ratio display for most applications. The performance seems to be sufficient, although I’ll have to check it out in more detail. Great attention to detail. Fast charging system and decent working time away from the charger. Here are the benefits of this laptop.

However, my Matebook X Pro also got a 3: 2 display – at a higher resolution. It runs quietly (I have a Core i5 version). Despite the smaller size, there is one more USB-C port, and the device is better equipped in terms of software. Plus, it’s cheaper than Microsoft’s hardware, and it’s also well-made and finished.

Should you buy it?

The new Surface Laptop 3 may be a successful computer, but unfortunately, it has its drawbacks. May I recommend it to someone? Definitely yes, for a straightforward reason. The Matebook X Pro is virtually nonexistent in stores, which means the Surface Laptop is becoming the only alternative in the 3: 2 laptop market. A huge plus, in my opinion. When it comes to other laptop capabilities, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

In conclusion, not everyone will share my enthusiasm about surface pro x review. All in all, Microsoft Surface pro x review is on par with the best hardware from Apple, HP, or Lenovo. While I like the Microsoft laptop, I’m not sure if I will continue to feel that way over the next few weeks. It seems to me that the critical point will be an analysis of the work performed on a system developed in conjunction with AMD.

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