Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference

a developer conference meeting in Microsoft's Russian Developer Conference its happen in September and exchanging views
Microsoft's Russian Developer Conference

Firstly, We are explaining Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference. So, You have been waiting for a long time, and we will have made for you a major Russian online event for developers from Microsoft in Russia: 

On October 12, we systematized knowledge in 5 main directions:

  • Hybrid / Multi-cloud
  • Security
  • OSS
  • Data & AI for Applications
  • Developer productivity

Below is a detailed description and a link to register. Choose the track you are also interested in, call your colleagues, and register!

If you’re still at the beginning of the journey,

you can create a free Azure account today!

Track I. Hybrid / Multi-cloud

Microsoft’s Russian also Developer Conference Most organizations take hybrid approaches to organizing their IT infrastructure. A complete transition to the cloud may not be possible for various reasons, but everyone recognizes the feasibility of using cloud services in development. We will tell and also show the possibilities of hybrid approaches to development using Kubernetes and IoT Hub as part of this track.

Main themes:

  • Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes.
  • Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes — GitOps.
  • Host apps anywhere with Azure Arc.
  • GitOps.
  • Azure Application Services on your Kubernetes.
  • Hybrid Last-Mile Computing with Azure IoT.
  • An overview of the Azure IoT Hub also Appliance and Azure IoT Edge technologies for containerized workload management.
  • EFLOW – we develop on Linux and run on Windows.

Track II. Security

In Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference, Every organization also needs to stay on top of the latest IT trends in today’s technology world. Compliance with information security requirements is a crucial aspect of delivering quality work in real-time.

As part of this track of Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference, we will tell you about a Zero Trust strategy that effectively adapts to the complexities of today’s environment and protects not only applications and data, but also ensures staff mobility and protects users anywhere in the world.

You will also learn about GitHub Advanced Security — security features for repositories that help developers improve and maintain code quality.

Main Theme

  • GitHub Advanced Security.
  • Zero Trust as we see it.

Track III. OSS

Open Source is an integral part of Microsoft’s business. So half of the virtual machines in Microsoft Azure run Linux. Microsoft is active in various industry groups, playing an essential role as a contributor to the community. On the Open Source track, we look at what Microsoft’s Open Source strategy looks like and how we work with external and internal ecosystems (including strategic development directions such as IoT, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technologies in general). What this means for our users. Partners and clients.

Main Theme Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference

  • Microsoft and Open Source — strategy and development directions.
  • You can see Containers today and containers tomorrow.
  • Building and automating the development process with GitHub.
  • Security in the Open Source World — Contemporary Challenges, Solutions, and Overview.
  • Microsoft’s investment in Linux.

Track IV. Data & AI for Applications

As part of the Data & AI session, we will also look at topics related to working with data in development and at the interface. So, let’s talk about innovative databases for applications. So, The Azure Data Explorer aka Kusto language helps a developer work with big data easily and quickly. And also discuss the concept of MLOps – ML + DevOps, how to organize the creation of a Data Scientist.

Main themes Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference

  • Databases as services for applications.
  • As a developer, it is also easy and fast to work with big data.
  • MLOps – ML + DevOps, how to organize the work of a data scientist.

Track V. Developer productivity

Consider the tools and processes that directly affect the productivity of each developer and development team in general. There will also talk on new developer tools from Microsoft and GitHub and the internal culture of Inner Source at Microsoft.

Main Theme Microsoft’s Russian Developer Conference

  • GitHub Code Spaces is a virtual workspace for an on-demand developer.
  • The practice of implementing also Inner Source approaches. Results that have been achieved.
  • Low-code / No-code tools.
  • DevOps from EY.


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