‘AI Talk’ Hosted by Pakistan’s First AI Anchors

pics from video edited showing AI anchors
Image: Discover Pakistan

In a historic moment that will shape the future of media and technology, Pakistan has unveiled first AI Anchors on a talk show, named “AI Talk,” setting new standards for content development and delivering an unmatched viewing experience. The talk show, hosted by a remarkably lifelike AI anchor called Dr. Kaiser, is being hailed as a major turning point for both the media sector and the field of artificial intelligence research.

Pakistan’s talk shows is a testament to the growing integration of AI in our daily lives. The introduction of a human-like AI anchor capable of fluid interactions with guests and audiences represents a significant advancement in AI technology and its potential to revolutionize mainstream media.


Dr. Kaiser Rafiq, the CEO of Discover Pakistan HD TV, whose visionary idea brought the lifelike AI anchor, Dr. Kaiser, to life. Combining over 700 facial and body movements with his cloned voice, the AI anchor’s realistic presentation left viewers astounded.

As AI becomes more prevalent in media, it is crucial to ensure transparency, privacy, and accuracy to maintain public trust.

The success of AI Talk has inspired Dr. Kaiser Rafiq and Discover Pakistan to explore further applications of AI in promoting tourism and education in Pakistan. As AI technology continues to evolve, the country is poised to harness its potential for the betterment of society and various sectors.

Pakistan’s launch of the world’s first AI TV talk show, AI Talk, marks a significant milestone in media and AI integration. Driven by the visionary leadership of Dr. Kaiser Rafiq, the show exemplifies the transformative potential of AI while raising important ethical considerations. As the boundaries of AI in mainstream media are pushed, the nation stands poised to lead the charge into a future where human and artificial intelligence coexist to enhance experiences and reshape industries.