Satellite iPhone 13 expectation in fall 2021

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Satellite iPhone 13

The company will hold several presentations per season — and at each one, it will show a new device.

Satellite iPhone 13 Pro Max in new colors Renders Apple Tomorrow

Apple announced the date of the first autumn presentation. It will take place on September 14. Journalists expect that it will show the iPhone 13.

But the company will not be limited to one event:

It plans to present other devices separately. TJ has collected in one article the prominent rumors about Apple’s fall presentations.

What is known about the new?

     iPhone 13 with reduced bangs:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 with the larger screen and flat design
  • AirPods 3 in Pro style, but without noise cancellation
  • iPad mini without the home button and just an iPad;
  • Mac on the new generation of Apple processors.

It is updated material that will be updated as more details become available.

iPhone 13 — reduced “bangs” and satellite communications

The new iPhone 13 will be the major announcements. At the September presentation — many industry insiders and journalists agree on this.

Like a year ago, Apple will show four device models, from mini to Pro Max. Despite rumors of low demand for the most miniature version.

Appearance of satellite iPhone 13

The devices will hardly change. The base model will change the arrangement in the rear cameras block. They will not stand one above the other, but diagonally. In addition, the satellite iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will receive exclusive colors that were not available in the last generation.

Colors of satellite iPhone 13

According to rumors, they will be “sunset gold,” “rose gold,” and “matte black.” Otherwise, smartphones will become a typical modified model that was previously released with the “S” prefix.

Perhaps the most anticipated external change will be a decrease in the “bangs” at the top of the screen due to a design change. The speaker was moved to the top edge, Face ID sensors took their place. The cutout cut has been discussed for years. But the company hasn’t changed its size since its introduction of the iPhone X in 2017.

One of the notable improvements can be cameras :

In the two models without the Pro attachment, not only will the appearance of the rear block change. But the lenses themselves will become more prominent. According to rumors, Apple can cover the entire block of cameras with sapphire glass. Then they will not bulge each individually.

As noted by sources Macotakara, in the new generation Pro and Pro Max will receive a camera matrix of the same size. In the iPhone 12, the full version had 55% more. The iPhone will add improved stabilization and 2.5x optical zoom to the regular Pro.

The two older models will also receive an improved ultra-wide-angle camera. Its aperture will increase from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8. And instead of a fixed focus, autofocus also will be added in iphone13. According to rumors, Apple will add support for the ProRes format in the satellite iPhone 13. It allows you to capture more details and is in demand among professional operators.

The cameras will also receive software enhancements in portrait mode for video and a new filter system. Users will shoot clips in “Portrait” mode and then change the focal length after recording. Apple will also add a new machine learning-based photo editing system. But it remains to be seen if the new features will be in satellite iPhone 13 only or past models.


In the new models, a mode for shooting the starry sky may also appear first, which will be contained in the teaser of the presentation. It will only be done in the standard application. Using a tripod and setting the shutter speed to 30 seconds. The company will allow setting a longer time, and the iPhone will primarily process the picture for shooting stars.

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