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VKontakte social media network QUIC protocol

VKontakte social media network content delivery sped up for all app users and 30% of the desktop.

VKontakte media network One of the features of the protocol is the transmission of data “exclusively in encrypted form”.

The VKontakte social media network

It was one of the first to introduce data transmission technology based on the new QUIC Internet protocol. Delivery of content in the web version and mobile applications has doubled. So far, only 30% of desktop users will notice the changes. The technical director of VKontakte, Alexander Tobol, spoke about this at the Saint HighLoad ++ conference, a TJ correspondent reports.

The new protocol is supported by the VKontakte social media network mobile application and will work for all users. Among those who use the site through the desktop, only 30% will notice the changes — since they use the Chrome browser.

It has tested the protocol’s operation not only in Russia but also abroad: including in Germany, Brazil, and Moldova. According to the company, users began to consume 10% more content delivery on networks with a weak Internet connection.

QUIC is a new revolution transport protocol that runs on top of UDP.

Google created the protocol. It works in Chrome and browsers developed on the Chromium platform. In May 2021, the QUIC protocol was adopted as the official RFC9000 standard.

QUIC protocol has a reduced latency when transferring different types of content. “VKontakte social media network” notes that it also transmits data “exclusively in encrypted form — this increases the security of the exchange of data by the audience of the social network.”

The social network said that the market does not yet have a ready-made. A set of solutions for both the client and the server needed to implement and support the new protocol. “VKontakte” has exposed its answer to the public.

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