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AR Sulehri

Biggest trends in artificial intelligence include rising concerns about AI-related

Stanford's 2023 AI Index offers a snapshot of AI R&D, education, policy, and hiring from academic, private, and non-profit organizations.

Training large language models is getting more expensive. GPT-2 cost $50,000 to train 3 years ago, but last year PaLM cost $8 million.

AI Laws 

In the past year, the United States passed the highest number of AI-related laws (nine) compared to any other country

AI-related controversies are on the rise, including deepfakes, face recognition for tracking gang members, and emotional state surveillance in classrooms.

Corporate investment in AI dipped in 2022 from 2021 highs, though investments did increase 13-fold in the last decade

job postings seeking AI skills have increased across several sectors, with 'Information' as the highest category (5.3% of all job postings in that category) 

Only 35% of Americans surveyed agreed that products and services using AI had more benefits than drawbacks, while support was more than twice as high in China, Saudi Arabia, and India.

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