A New Racing Game with the Spirit of the 80s and the Fun of LEGO! 

Lego 2k

Smooth, Intuitive, and Enjoyable Gameplay - Choose from a Variety of Cars and Tracks! 

Reviving the Spirit of 80s Racing Games - Inspired by Classics Like Outrun and Rad Racer! 

LEGO 2K Drive 

Customizable Vehicles and Impressive Physics - Personalize Your Racing Machine and Experience a Unique Racing Game!

Lego 2k drive

Multiplayer Mode 

Compete Against Other Players from Around the World! 

LEGO 2K Drive offers a smooth, intuitive, and enjoyable gameplay experience. Choose from a variety of cars, each with its unique set of characteristics. The game also features a range of tracks, each with its unique challenges and obstacles. Players can use power-ups to gain an advantage over their opponents.


The game features a range of engine sounds, each of which has been carefully crafted to match the characteristics of the different cars. The sound effects for crashes and collisions are also realistic and satisfyin

The graphics of LEGO 2K Drive are stunning

The sound design of LEGO 2K Drive is top-notch.

Drive features a smooth and exciting multiplayer mode

The game features a range of detailed environments, from urban streets to mountain road

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Lego 2K Drive is a game that is sure to appeal to racing game fans of all ages.