YouTube Premium with 5 Exciting New Features for Subscribers


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Google is rolling out several new features for YouTube Premium in an effort to justify its increased price and enhance the overall user experience for subscribers. One long-awaited addition is the ability to queue up videos on mobile devices, which was previously only available on the web.

Now, users can easily queue up videos by tapping the 3-dot button next to another video in the recommended section while watching a video on YouTube. They can choose options like “Play next in queue” or “Play last in queue.” Videos can also be added to the queue by swiping down the currently playing video and browsing from the home page, then selecting a queuing option from the 3-dot menu.

Enhanced Integration with Google Meet: Enjoy Videos with Friends and Family

YouTube is also expanding its integration with Google Meet, allowing YouTube Premium members on Android to share videos they are watching with others on a Meet call. This feature is pitched as a fun way to enjoy videos with friends and family. It will soon be available to iOS users through FaceTime via SharePlay in the coming weeks.

Enhanced Integration with Google Meet: Enjoy Videos with Friends and Family

Seamless Cross-Device Viewing: Pick Up Where You Left Off

Seamless Cross-Device Viewing: Pick Up Where You Left Off

To improve the seamless transition between devices, YouTube is introducing a feature that remembers where users left off in a video. This means that if you were watching a video on your phone and then switch to a computer, you can continue watching from where you left off without starting over, regardless of the platform (Android, iOS, or Web).

Smart Downloads: Convenience vs. Privacy Concerns

Smart Downloads: Convenience vs. Privacy Concerns

However, one feature that raised some concerns is called Smart Downloads, which automatically downloads videos for offline viewing that YouTube finds in the recommended section. This happens when connected to Wi-Fi, so that users can have videos available for offline viewing when not connected. Some users may find this feature intrusive, as it may download videos without explicit approval. To disable Smart Downloads, users can go to YouTube > Library > Downloads and toggle off the Smart Downloads option in the Settings icon.

Enhanced Bit rate Version of 1080p HD for iOS: Crisp and Clear Videos

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Lastly, YouTube Premium is introducing an enhanced bit rate version of 1080p HD for iOS users. Google claims that toggling on this option will result in “extra crisp and clear” videos, particularly those with “lots of detail and motion.” There is currently no information on whether this feature will be available for Android users.

In conclusion, Google’s efforts to improve the value proposition of YouTube Premium include the introduction of new features such as queuing of videos on mobile, enhanced integration with Google Meet, seamless cross-device viewing, Smart Downloads (with an option to disable), and an enhanced bit rate version of 1080p HD for iOS.

These additions aim to enhance the overall viewing experience for YouTube Premium subscribers and provide them with more options and flexibility in how they consume content on the platform.

AbdulRahman Sulehria
AbdulRahman Sulehria
Abdulrahman Sulehria (AR Sulehri) is a writer with a passion for technology, sharing his insights with others. His expertise in digital marketing also helps him to create content that is optimized for maximum engagement and reach.


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