YouTube to Discontinue Stories Feature

Image: Canva Pro & Youtube

Google revealed that YouTube Stories, a popular Snapchat-style video format, will be phased out from June 26th. YouTube Stories, introduced in 2017 as “Reels” before being rebranded in 2018, allowed users to share short-form videos that remained visible for a duration of one week. However, Google acknowledged that the feature failed to gain significant traction compared to similar offerings on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Starting from June 26th, YouTube creators will no longer have the ability to create new Stories. However, existing Stories will still be accessible for a period of seven days after their initial sharing. Google encourages users to explore two alternatives: Community posts and shorts.


YouTube Community posts provide a lightweight update feature where creators can share content, initiate conversations, and promote their videos.

Meaghan Sullivan, YouTube’s community manager, highlighted the effectiveness of Community posts, stating that they generally receive significantly more comments and likes compared to Stories.

Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts, the platform’s response to the rising popularity of short-form video content, remains a recommended option. Shorts allow creators to make short videos and potentially reach new audiences. Sullivan emphasized that Shorts have proven to drive more subscribers than Stories among creators who utilize both features.

Google’s decision to discontinue YouTube Stories reflects its commitment to refining and expanding features that resonate better with creators and users. By focusing on Community posts and shorts, the company aims to provide enhanced opportunities for self-expression and audience engagement on the platform.