YouTube TV Hikes Price Due To Rising Content Costs

Image: Youtube TV

YouTube TV will soon cost $72.99 a month, marking an $8 increase from the current monthly fee of $64.99. Youtube TV announced the price hike citing a rise in “content costs” for the change. This new price will take effect immediately for new members, while existing members will start to see the change in their billing from April 18.

The news comes as a surprise to many, as YouTube TV had not announced a price increase since June 2021. It is worth noting that the new fee is still lower than traditional cable TV subscriptions. However, the $8 increase could still be a significant bump in the budget for some customers.


To soften the blow, YouTube TV has also announced a reduction in the price of its 4K Plus add-on from $19.99 per month to $9.99 per month. The add-on allows users to watch content in 4K resolution and adds several other features, including offline playback and unlimited DVR storage. This move is expected to offer some relief to users who may feel the pinch of the increased subscription fee.

The increase in content costs has been a recurring issue for streaming services like YouTube TV. As more content creators join the platform, the cost of acquiring and streaming their content also increases. YouTube TV has not disclosed which specific content costs have led to the increase in subscription fees.

Despite the price hike, YouTube TV remains a popular streaming service among cord-cutters, thanks to its extensive channel lineup, user-friendly interface, and cloud-based DVR service. The service offers over 85 live TV channels, including popular networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Additionally, users can also access on-demand content from networks like ESPN, FX, and AMC.

Many analysts believe that YouTube TV’s pricing strategy is still competitive, even with the recent price increase. The service offers features and channels that are not available on other streaming platforms, making it a worthwhile investment for users who want to cut the cord but still enjoy live TV.

In conclusion, the rise in subscription fees for YouTube TV is an indication of the increasing costs of streaming content. While the price hike may come as a shock to some, the addition of new content and features justify the increase for many users. It remains to be seen how the price hike will affect YouTube TV’s user base in the long run, but for now, it is still one of the best options for cord-cutters looking to enjoy live TV.



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