How to Edit a Sent Message on WhatsApp

Image Credit: Canva

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app used by millions worldwide, has recently introduced an exciting new feature to edit a sent message on WhatsApp. You can now edit messages that you’ve already sent, giving you the power to fix those embarrassing typos or make any necessary changes. We all know the feeling of hitting the send button and immediately spotting an error in our message.

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Previously, WhatsApp didn’t offer a way to correct these mistakes once a message was sent. However, with the new editing feature, that frustration is a thing of the past. You can now easily make modifications to your sent messages within a 15-minute time frame.

How to Edit Messages in a Chat Conversation

  1. Locate the message you wish to modify in your chat.

  2. Tap and Hold: Press and hold on the message as if you’re reacting or replying.

  3. Choose “Edit”: A menu will appear; select “Edit” from the options.

  4. Make Your Changes: Correct typos, rephrase, or add missing information as needed.

  5. Save Your Edits: After making adjustments, tap to save your changes.

  6. “Edited” Label: The edited message will display an “edited” label, informing others that it has been modified.”

WhatsApp ensures transparency by clearly indicating that a message has been edited. However, the specific edit history is not visible to the recipient, maintaining privacy and integrity in your conversations.

While other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal already offered message editing capabilities, WhatsApp has now caught up with this highly requested feature.

By continuously improving its platform, WhatsApp aims to meet the expectations and demands of its vast user base, providing a more user-friendly and enjoyable messaging experience.

With the WhatsApp message editing feature, communication on WhatsApp becomes more convenient and stress-free. Keep an eye out for this update, as it will be available to users around the world in the coming weeks.