Pubg Mobile New Update 2.8 Release Date

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Zombie’s Edge and Finger-Lickin’ Fun Await!

In the ever-evolving world of PUBG Mobile, players are always hungry for fresh content and thrilling updates. Well, the wait is over, as Pubg Mobile New Update 2.8 Release Date is finally here, and it’s serving up a tantalizing blend of excitement, including the spine-chilling Zombie’s Edge mode, New Weapons, release date and an unexpected, yet delicious collaboration with KFC.

PUBG Mobile 2.8 Release Date and Time:

Global Release:

The PUBG Mobile 2.8 update has begun its global rollout, with players in select regions already getting a taste of the action. But don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet. The update will be available to everyone by September 7, 2023.

PUBG Mobile 2.8: What’s New?

The PUBG Mobile 2.8 update is rolling out worldwide, and here’s what you can expect:

New Weapons and Items

Zombie’s Edge also introduces several themed items to enhance your gaming experience:

Mutation Gauntlets:

Acquired by defeating zombies in the Aerolith Lab, these gauntlets grant players powerful zombie-inspired attacks.

Mutation Blade:

Similar to the gauntlets, this slashing melee weapon is obtained by defeating zombies, giving players access to a wide range of melee attacks.

Maglev Hoverboard:

These hoverboards can be found in the Aerolith Lab and offer a speedy means of traversing the map, both on land and water.

Exclusive Emote Card:

A unique emote is up for grabs in the lab, allowing players to express themselves uniquely.

Zombie’s Edge Mode: Battle the Undead

Zombie’s Edge is the newest themed game mode, adding a horrifying twist to the classic Battle Royale experience. As survivors drop into the battleground, they’ll not only have to fend off other players but also confront hordes of ravenous zombies. While the exact details of this spine-tingling mode are still under wraps, players can anticipate a unique and thrilling challenge as they fight to stay alive amidst the undead.

KFC Collaboration: A Finger-Lickin’ Feast

In a move that has caught many by surprise, PUBG Mobile has partnered with the world-famous fast-food chain KFC. The collaboration is set to launch in October 2023 and promises to add a mouthwatering layer to the game. While the full extent of this partnership is yet to be revealed, gamers can look forward to a delectable array of in-game items, weapon skins, outfits, and more – all with a KFC twist.

Imagine parachuting into battle with a KFC-themed parachute skin or wielding weapons inspired by the world of KFC. This collaboration isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about immersing players in a world where chicken dinners take on a whole new meaning.

BGMI Players, You’re Included Too

For fans of PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile (BGMI), there’s exciting news as well. BGMI players can expect a similar KFC-themed experience in their next update. The collaboration is set to transcend platforms, ensuring that players across the PUBG universe get to savor the unique blend of gaming and fast-food fun.

A Tantalizing History of KFC Collaborations
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This isn’t the first time the PUBG universe has joined forces with KFC. In the MENA region, PUBG Mobile introduced the “Pochinki Twister Battle Box Meal,” a mouthwatering combo featuring a fried chicken twister, french fries, a drink, a KFC parachute, and even a PUBG-themed toy. With the forthcoming collaboration going global, fans can anticipate an even more tantalizing experience.
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90 FPS Support Expands to More Devices

For those who crave smoother gameplay, PUBG Mobile’s 90 FPS support is spreading to additional devices with Version 2.8. Gamers with devices like the iQOO Neo 7 Pro, Sony Xperia 5, Xiaomi 13T Pro, and others will now enjoy a higher frame rate for a more immersive experience.

With all these exciting updates and collaborations, PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 is set to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Whether you’re battling zombies in the Aerolith Lab, ordering a virtual bucket of KFC, or exploring the sleek Dagger’s combat animations, there’s something for every PUBG Mobile enthusiast to look forward to in this latest update