Adblock and Adblock Plus Updates Causing YouTube Slowdowns, Google Clarifies


YouTube’s users recently encountered widespread slowdowns when using ad blockers, leading to speculations that Google was intensifying efforts against these tools.

This raised concerns about the impact on the platform’s monetization model, as ad-blockers not only violate YouTube’s terms of service but also affect content creators’ earnings, according to the platform’s consistent stance.

In response to the reports, Google has denied any connection between the slowdowns and its ad blocker detection measures.

The company, in a statement to Android Central, insisted that the loading delays on YouTube are unrelated to their ongoing efforts against ad blockers. Instead, Google directed users experiencing issues to consult their help center for troubleshooting tips, leaving the root cause of the slowdowns unaddressed.

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Interestingly, attention has now shifted to the latest versions of popular ad-blocking tools Adblock and Adblock Plus, particularly version 5.17. Developer Raymond Hill, associated with uBlock Origin, pointed to these updates as potential instigators of the performance problems. This shift in focus suggests that the slowdowns may be more closely associated with recent updates of these ad blockers, rather than a deliberate effort by YouTube to impede users relying on ad-blockers.

As users await further clarity and resolution on the matter, this situation underscores the ongoing battle between content platforms and ad-blockers, with users caught in the crossfire of conflicting interests.


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