Netflix Explores Adding In-App Purchases and Ads to Gaming Platform

Image: Canva

In recent reports from The Wall Street Journal, it has been revealed that Netflix is contemplating a potential shift in strategy for its gaming division, exploring ways to generate revenue from this sector. Currently, Netflix offers its extensive library of games for free to all subscribers as a strategy to engage users and attract new fans. However, internal discussions within the company suggest a reevaluation of this approach, considering ideas like introducing in-app purchases, charging for more advanced games, or providing access to games with ads for subscribers in its ad-supported tier.

While Netflix has been resistant to incorporating ads or in-app purchases in its games, the ongoing discussions highlight a continual reassessment of the balance between customer experience and the necessity to generate revenue. Greg Peters, co-CEO at Netflix, has previously emphasized the importance of delivering a distinct gaming experience and enabling game creators to focus on player enjoyment without immediate monetization concerns.

Despite the relatively modest number of users currently downloading Netflix games, the company has made substantial investments in the gaming industry. It has acquired small gaming studios and developed games based on its original shows and movies. One of Netflix’s notable original games, “Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game,” has garnered 7 million downloads since its launch in December 2022. Netflix’s gaming strategy, initiated in 2021, is viewed as a long-term bet for the company, with an estimated expenditure of around $1 billion on acquiring gaming studios and building its gaming business. Notably, Netflix’s game downloads experienced nearly a threefold increase from 2022 to 2023.

These potential changes in Netflix’s gaming strategy are indicative of the company’s continual efforts to find the right balance between enhancing user experience and exploring new avenues for revenue generation within its gaming division. While discussions are ongoing, Netflix’s foray into gaming remains a significant long-term investment, reflecting its commitment to this evolving entertainment landscape.


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