iOS 17.2 New Features: Top iOS 17.2 Features You Can’t Miss

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Recently apple introduced iOS 17.2 update with exciting new features that promise to elevate your iPhone experience. Latest enhancements that Apple has rolled out in this update. This update isn’t just about keeping your iPhone squeaky clean; it’s about unleashing your inner writer, fortifying your digital defences, and painting your messages with a vibrant palette of live stickers.

Journal App

The power of on-device machine learning, this app offers personalized writing suggestions based on your daily activities, including photos taken and music or podcasts listened to throughout the day.

  • What’s New: The much-anticipated Journal app has finally made its debut. Harnessing on-device machine learning, it offers personalized writing suggestions based on your daily activities.
  • How to Use: Explore prompts based on your photos, music, and podcasts. Additionally, the app introduces “Reflections” – thought-provoking topics to inspire your entries.

Contact Key Verification in Messages

iOS 17.2 introduces Contact Key Verification in Messages, a security feature aimed at users facing extraordinary digital threats, such as journalists, activists, and government officials. This additional layer of security ensures that users are messaging only with intended contacts. The setup is straightforward: head to Settings > Apple ID > Contact Key Verification, toggle the switch next to Verification in iMessage, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Live Stickers: Express Yourself in Messages

Expressing yourself in Messages just got livelier with Live Stickers. Building on the feature introduced in iOS 17, users can now react to text messages with personalized Live Stickers. Creating your own stickers from pictures adds a touch of individuality to your messages, making conversations even more engaging.

More Emoji Customisation

iOS 17.2 introduces a new dimension to Emoji customisation with the addition of the “Body” menu. Now, you can edit your Emoji’s body, adjusting waist, bust, shoulders, and arms to your liking. While it may not be a full-on character creator, it certainly adds a new level of personalization to your virtual self.

Change Default Notification Sounds and Haptics

For the first time ever, Apple allows users to change the default notification sound in iOS 17.2. Head to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Default Alerts to select from a range of new and classic tones. Additionally, customize your haptics by tapping on “Haptics” and create your own custom vibrations for a truly personalized experience.

Photos and Apple Music Integration

The Photos app now seeks permission to access your Apple Music library in iOS 17.2. By doing so, it curates songs for your Memories, offering a nostalgic soundtrack to your visual reminiscences.

AppleCare and Warranty Menu

A new addition to Settings > General, the AppleCare and Warranty menu provides a comprehensive overview of your devices, indicating whether they are covered under AppleCare or a warranty. This feature streamlines the process of checking the coverage status for all your Apple devices.

Catch-Up Arrow in Messages: Navigating Conversations

The catch-up arrow returns to Messages in iOS 17.2, aiding users in understanding ongoing group conversations or managing a barrage of messages after a period of inactivity. A simple yet effective tool for maintaining context in your chats.

New Options for Sharing Contact Posters: Enhanced Privacy Controls

iOS 17.2 expands the options for sharing Contact Posters through Phone and FaceTime. Users can now choose whether to automatically share Contact Posters with contacts or require explicit permission before sharing, offering more control over personal information.

iPhone 15 Pro Action Button Update

iPhone 15 Pro users will appreciate the new translate function added to the action button in iOS 17.2. This feature facilitates quick translations or multilingual conversations directly from the device.

Sharing Content between iPhone and Apple Vision Pro

While the Vision Pro headset is yet to hit the market, iOS 17.2 introduces a setting called AirPlay Receiver. This feature allows your iPhone to function as an additional screen for the Vision Pro, creating a seamless and integrated experience between the two devices.

Spatial Video Recording for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: Immersive Memories

iOS 17.2 brings a captivating feature to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max – Spatial Video Recording. This innovation allows users to record videos in 3D, offering an immersive viewing experience on the upcoming Vision Pro headset. These Spatial Videos can also be enjoyed in the Photos app as regular videos.

Disable Inline Predictions on Your Keyboard

For users who found inline text predictions more of an annoyance than a convenience, iOS 17.2 allows the ability to turn off this feature. Enjoy a more streamlined and personalized typing experience in Messages.

More Sensitive Content Warnings

Building on the Sensitive Content Warnings introduced in iOS 17, the 17.2 update expands these warnings to cover live stickers and contact posters that may include sensitive content, providing users with a safer digital environment.

More Siri Requests

iOS 17.2 enriches Siri’s capabilities by allowing users to ask new questions, such as inquiring about altitude or estimating arrival time when using Siri for directions.

Updated Weather Widget and App

Weather updates receive a significant overhaul in iOS 17.2, with six new widgets to choose from. These widgets provide more detailed information, including current conditions, precipitation, UV index, wind levels, air quality index, and forecasts for the next four days. The Weather app also introduces new features like an interactive moon calendar, rain tracking, and wind speed and direction information, effectively turning your iPhone into a pocket meteorologist.

New Digital Clock Widget

The clock widget gets a facelift in iOS 17.2, now offering a digital clock option for easy and convenient time reading.

News App Supports Live Activities

Enhancing the News app experience, iOS 17.2 introduces Live Activities. Users can now enable this feature to follow news events, such as elections, as they unfold in real-time directly within the app.

Apple TV App Updated

The Apple TV app undergoes changes in iOS 17.2, with the Movies and TV Shows sections now located at the top of the screen. This updated layout promises a more streamlined and user-friendly navigation experience.

Local Awareness Option in Emergency Alerts

A new addition to the Emergency Alerts menu, Local Awareness, uses your approximate location to improve the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of emergency alerts. This feature ensures that users receive relevant and timely information based on their location.



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