Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie created an AI version of herself that can be your girlfriend for $1 a minute

Image: CANVA

Caryn Marjorie, a prominent influencer on Snapchat with nearly 2 million followers, has recently unveiled CarynAI, an AI-powered chatbot that enables her fans to engage in lifelike conversations with a virtual version of herself.

Leveraging the advanced technology of OpenAI’s GPT-4 API, CarynAI offers an immersive and highly personalized experience, replicating Marjorie’s voice, mannerisms, and personality. Priced at $1 per minute, the chatbot has already generated substantial interest, attracting over 1,000 paying subscribers and generating an impressive $71,610 in revenue within its first week.

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Recognizing the limitations of personal interactions with her ever-growing fan base, Marjorie saw an opportunity to bridge the communication gap and provide her followers with an intimate experience.

The development of CarynAI involved extensive effort, with over 2,000 hours invested in coding Marjorie’s real-life characteristics into the system. Marjorie’s authentic voice samples and behavioral patterns were meticulously integrated into the chatbot, complemented by utilizing snippets from her deleted YouTube videos.

With CarynAI, Marjorie aims to offer her followers the benefits of a personal connection, including emotional support, companionship, and a sense of closeness. However, critics, such as Alexandra Sternlight of Fortune, argue that the chatbot resembles more of an “intimacy-ready Siri” than a virtual girlfriend.

While CarynAI provides a range of features, such as recipe recommendations, news commentary, and emotional assistance, it has also been observed to prompt sexual scenarios and erotic discourse, leading to concerns about the boundaries of AI-driven relationships.

Acknowledging the potential risks associated with her AI persona, Marjorie has taken precautions to protect her privacy and security. She has enlisted the services of a dedicated 24/7 security team and has refrained from disclosing her current location to her followers.

Marjorie emphasizes that CarynAI serves as an extension of herself rather than a replacement, aiming to provide solace and alleviate feelings of loneliness among her fans.

The introduction of CarynAI showcases the tremendous potential of AI technology to revolutionize the way influencers interact with their followers. Marjorie believes that the chatbot will not only enhance her engagement with fans, but also deepen the bond between influencers and their online communities.

As the chatbot gains popularity, Marjorie anticipates substantial financial success, estimating potential monthly earnings of up to $5 million. Based on her current 1.8 million Snapchat followers, she expects a significant number of subscribers to sign up for the service, further augmenting her revenue.

CarynAI’s launch comes at a time when AI applications have primarily focused on search engine enhancements, raising concerns about accuracy and misinformation. However, it also exemplifies how AI can provide a personalized and seemingly intimate experience to large audiences, potentially transforming the influencer landscape. Nevertheless, the development of such technology raises ethical considerations and the need for safeguards against harmful use cases.

While Caryn Marjorie has received significant backlash since introducing CarynAI, she remains optimistic that the concept will gain wider acceptance as more online personalities adopt similar AI companions. John Meyer, CEO and founder of Forever Voices, the company behind CarynAI, reveals that several influencers have already expressed interest in developing their own AI companions.