Sony and Honda to Unveil Futuristic EV Concept Afeela at CES 2024

newly unveiled electric vehicle prototype car Afeela
Image: Sony & Honda

Sony Group is gearing up to steal the spotlight at CES 2024 with a highly-anticipated press conference scheduled for January 8, 2024, at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST. The technology giant has carefully kept the details under wraps, but the announcement hints at a prominent presence of Sony Honda Mobility on the stage, signaling a joint venture that promises to redefine the future of electric vehicles.

At the heart of this collaboration is the unveiling of Afeela, a revolutionary EV concept born out of the fusion of Sony’s cutting-edge consumer electronics, entertainment prowess, and sensor technology with Honda’s unparalleled 60 years of automotive expertise. Afeela is set to be a testament to the seamless integration of innovation and experience, ushering in a new era in the automotive landscape.

What sets Afeela apart is its ambitious IoT ecosystem, transforming the traditional driving interface. Touchscreens will replace conventional components, switches, and dials, creating a predominantly digital and immersive human-machine interaction. This marks a significant leap in the convergence of technology and automotive design.

Adding an unexpected twist, Afeela is not just about driving; it’s a gaming haven on wheels. Through PlayStation Plus streaming, the electric vehicle will allow passengers to enjoy PlayStation 5 games, showcasing Sony’s commitment to entertainment on the go. Notably, the last update on Afeela dismissed the inclusion of a fully-fledged PlayStation 5 console within the vehicle, raising curiosity about the streaming capabilities and gaming experiences that will be showcased.

The press conference, scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the main Sony booth #21800, will be a hybrid event, with both in-person attendance and online streaming options. Those unable to be physically present can catch the live stream on the Sony Group Official YouTube channel and at

As CES 2024 approaches, anticipation builds around Sony’s ambitious collaboration with Honda, promising a glimpse into the future of mobility that seamlessly combines technology, entertainment, and automotive innovation. Stay tuned for live coverage and updates from the CES stage on January 8th.


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