Super Mario Odyssey Offers Surprising Relief for Depression

SuperMarioOfficial Credit: SuperMarioOfficial on DeviantArt

In Germany, researchers have explored the unexpected therapeutic potential of the popular 3D video game “Super Mario Odyssey” in reducing symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD). Published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, the study compared the effects of immersive gaming with traditional cognitive training and standard depression treatments.

The six-week study involved 46 participants diagnosed with depression, randomly assigned to play “Super Mario Odyssey,” use the “CogPack” program, or receive conventional clinical treatment. Astonishingly, the group engaged with the Nintendo Switch game reported a nearly 50% reduction in depressive symptoms, outperforming the other groups.

Participants in the “Super Mario Odyssey” group not only experienced a significant boost in mood but also exhibited higher motivation for their treatment compared to the cognitive training group. The game’s requirement for navigating 3D environments is believed to engage the hippocampus, contributing to improvements in visuo-spatial memory.

While the study acknowledges selective improvements in memory tasks in both gaming and cognitive training groups, it suggests that video game training could be a cost-effective and feasible intervention for individuals with MDD, complementing standard treatments and therapy.

These findings challenge conventional views on treating depression, offering a glimpse into the potential benefits of enjoyable and immersive activities. Although the study acknowledges limitations such as a small sample size and a non-blind methodology, it marks an exciting step toward understanding the role of video games in enhancing mental health interventions.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of mental health treatments, Super Mario Odyssey’s unexpected role in alleviating depressive symptoms unveils a promising avenue for future research and interventions.


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