OpenAI CEO’s Statement about Apple Vision Pro


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman praises Apple Vision Pro as the “second most impressive tech since the iPhone,” while highlighting its hefty price tag and strong initial sales figures.

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The device promises to revolutionize computing with its spatial capabilities, but faces challenges and trade-offs, particularly in its weight and display quality.

Vision Pro Display Specifications

The Vision Pro stands out for its remarkable viewing experience, facilitated by high-resolution micro-OLED displays that boast an impressive 3,386 pixels per inch (PPI). However, users may occasionally encounter a minor annoyance in dimly lit environments, where a faint blue-ish reflection at the bottom of the field of view can prove distracting.

When it comes to content accessibility, the Vision Pro offers a wide array of options, with major streaming services such as Apple TV+, HBO Max, and Disney+ already equipped with dedicated apps. These apps provide users with the flexibility to choose between augmented reality, virtual reality, or a blend of both for their viewing experiences. Particularly noteworthy is Disney+’s inclusion of themed immersive environments and an extensive library of 3D movies, enriching the entertainment possibilities beyond traditional TV viewing.

However, the absence of certain key platforms is notable. YouTube, for instance, currently lacks an app for the Vision Pro, although Google has confirmed that development is underway. Another notable absentee is Netflix, which currently has no plans for a dedicated app. While Netflix can still be accessed through the built-in Safari browser, this alternative falls short in terms of resolution and customization options, detracting from the overall viewing experience.

In summary, while the Vision Pro excels in providing a cutting-edge visual experience, supported by its high-resolution displays and versatile viewing modes, there are still areas for improvement, particularly in addressing minor nuisances and expanding the range of available content platforms.


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