Windows 12 Not Coming in 2024


In a recent blog post discussing the latest Insider Preview builds of Windows 11, Microsoft has definitively addressed the speculation surrounding the release of Windows 12 in 2024. the company has officially announced that the next major feature update will be named Windows 11, version 24H2, scheduled for release in the second half of the year. While Microsoft did not explicitly address Windows 12, this confirmation serves as a clear indication that users will have to wait longer for the anticipated next iteration of the operating system.

Windows Copilot Integration

Windows Copilot, currently accessible as an AI chat assistant, will be further integrated into Windows 11. It will open on startup and appear in the system tray, offering assistance with tasks like summarizing text and explaining complex sentences.

Simplified Wi-Fi Network Joining

Joining a Wi-Fi network will become more streamlined with the ability to scan QR codes and click a link to connect. Additionally, users can generate QR codes to easily share Wi-Fi network access with others.

Enhanced Bluetooth Security

Windows will now filter out uncommon Bluetooth devices when searching for connections. This feature improves device pairing efficiency and provides an added layer of security against potentially harmful devices.

While Windows 12’s delay may disappoint some, Microsoft’s focus on enhancing Windows 11 with the upcoming 24H2 update demonstrates a commitment to refining the current user experience. Users can anticipate these improvements later in the year, alongside a clearer roadmap for Windows development. While users may have to wait longer for a new major version of Windows, these incremental updates demonstrate the company’s commitment to delivering quality enhancements and features to its users.


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