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OpenAI’s Latest AI Text-to-Video Tool, Sora


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Imagine typing a few words and getting a whole video in just one minute! That’s what Sora, OpenAI’s latest creation, can do. But with this cool tool comes a big worry: deepfake videos. These are videos that look real but aren’t, and they could cause big problems.

Oren Etzioni, an expert on AI, is concerned. He says we need rules to make sure Sora doesn’t make things worse, especially during important times like elections.

Right now, Sora is only for a few people to try out. But there’s no clear plan for how to keep it safe when everyone can use it. Dr. Andrew Newell warns that if we rely too much on videos for security, bad things could happen.

Sora isn’t just about fun videos, though. It could change how movies and ads are made, saving a lot of money along the way. Reece Hayden thinks it might even let regular people make their own movies!

But before we get too excited, we need to make sure Sora is used safely. That means setting up rules and making sure people follow them. We don’t want Sora to cause more problems than it solves.

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