Project Stardust: Adobe’s New AI Photo Editing Tool


Adobe, a pioneer in creative software, is rumored to introduce its latest endeavor – Project Stardust, an innovative AI-powered photo editing tool. Adobe’s Project Stardust offers a sneak peek at the future of AI-driven photo editing. This tool, powered by Firefly Model 2, makes tasks like removing objects and people, changing backgrounds, and more, a breeze. Its core goal is to make image editing easy and inclusive for everyone.

In a small conference room at Adobe’s San Francisco office, Alexandru Costin, Adobe’s Vice President of Generative Artificial Intelligence, confidently demonstrated the capabilities of Project Stardust. This tool, now integrated into Photoshop, is powered by a family of AI models known as Firefly.

Using Project Stardust is as simple as typing in a prompt. Costin encouraged users to try it out, showcasing how the tool generates images based on text prompts. Whether you want to see Darth Vader applying suntan lotion to the Easter Bunny or explore other creative ideas, Project Stardust can bring these concepts to life in mere seconds.

Project Stardust has an intriguing twist to avoid infringing on intellectual property – it may replace well-known characters with random individuals. This underscores Adobe’s commitment to respecting copyright and trademark rights, ensuring the tool’s ethical usage.

One of the most exciting features of Project Stardust is its ability to suggest potential next steps to users. Imagine having an AI assistant guiding you through the editing process, offering creative suggestions, and streamlining your workflow. Adobe’s Project Manager, Aya Philemon, showcased this impressive feature by selecting a section of a photo and entering a tooltip in the taskbar. In a matter of moments, Project Stardust suggested options like adding flowers to the image or modifying clothing elements, transforming the editing experience into a seamless and collaborative process.

Another remarkable aspect of Project Stardust is its user-friendliness, simplifying complex image editing and making it accessible to a broader audience. Firefly automatically analyzes images and creates layers for various objects, enabling users to manipulate and customize their creations effortlessly.

As AI-driven image editing continues to evolve, Project Stardust represents a step towards a future where creativity knows no bounds. The technology empowers users to explore their imaginations, raising fascinating questions about the role of technology in reshaping the world of visual content as AI tools become more widespread.

With Project Stardust, Adobe paves the way for a new era of artistic expression and digital creativity. The future of image editing has arrived, and it looks both promising and captivating.

While similar tools exist in platforms like Canva and Google Photos, As anticipation builds, Adobe Max, commencing on October 10th, holds the promise of unveiling more about Adobe’s AI-driven innovations and the future of creative software.

The official release of Project Stardust is eagerly anticipated, and its potential to transform the way we interact with images is poised to make it a groundbreaking addition to Adobe’s suite of creative tools.