Ads Coming to Amazon Prime Video Subscribers Starting January 29, 2024

3D ads icon with 'www.' overlaid for Amazon Prime Video ads announcement on January 29, 2024.
created using Canva. /3D ads icon with 'www.' overlaid for Amazon Prime Video ads announcement on January 29, 2024.

As the New Year unfolds, Ads coming to Amazon Prime Video users are set to experience a significant change to its streaming service. The announcement, made last week, outlines a phased rollout plan beginning on January 29th for users in the United States and Canada, followed by users in the United Kingdom and Germany on February 5th. Amazon plans to extend this advertising model to Prime users in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia throughout the course of the year.

To offer users an option to enjoy an ad-free experience, Amazon is introducing tiered subscription options with an additional cost. Starting from January 29th, users in the UK who wish to avoid ads will need to pay £2.99 per month. German customers will have a similar option, with a fee of €2.99 (£2.60), and US customers will be charged $2.99 (£2.35) monthly.

This move marks a departure from Amazon Prime Video’s previous ad-free model and is seen as a response to the industry’s evolving landscape, where streaming platforms are exploring various revenue streams to offset content production expenses. The company emphasizes its commitment to maintaining a diverse and high-quality content library despite the introduction of ads.

As the introduction of ads begins, users across these regions will likely weigh the benefits of the tiered subscription options against the convenience of an ad-supported, potentially more cost-effective, streaming experience. The development also underscores the ongoing shifts in the streaming industry and the need for platforms to adapt to changing user preferences and economic considerations.


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